Shipping 34 million copies of a game is a rare feat but Take Two has achieved it and they proudly announced that the sales trend of GTA 5 has surpassed all competition despite the company’s other big titles in contention.

The publisher had an investor’s call recently during which they announced that the developing team requires more time to polish the game Evolve because of which it has been postponed to early 2015. They also shared their sales figures for several prominent titles, including NBA 2K14, Borderlands 2, Civilization V and Bioshock Infinite.

It is no surprise that Grand Theft Auto became their best ever game of all time because it has been a classic hit that has appeased gamers of all age groups worldwide for its open world environment. No other game has even come close to matching the massive scale that this Rockstar game offers. Even the newest Watch Dogs, an attempt by Ubisoft, succeeded only to a decent extent but it can’t attempt to be another GTA so soon. The game was released only on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. If it could achieve 34 million shipped copies on these two platforms alone, it is going to touch a lot more once it comes to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 this holiday season.

Redefining Sale Trends

GTA 5 has been a profitable venture for the entire development as well as the publishing team. When the game was launched on older generation platforms last September, Rockstar claimed that they have earned over one billion in revenue and the sales figures released by Take Two justifies their claim. The game has been consistently receiving upgrades including multiple DLCs. The upcoming Online Heists is one of the biggest additions that gamers are looking forward to. It is going to allow players to participate in group heists where they have to successfully evade the police with the loot.

A recent leak revealed that the game will soon have Battlefield and Call of Duty styled classes for these heists where they will be taking up their respective roles such as a sniper or leader. Only when every one of the group performs their role properly, the team will be able to succeed in the heist and rob the bank or any other location as the mission allows. People will also be able to create their own missions, which, if good, will join the list of Rockstar verified jobs. With so much content to look forward to, it is no wonder GTA 5 became one of the biggest selling games in 2013 and may continue in 2014 as well.

Improvised Game

GTA 5 on PC and new generation consoles is much more sophisticated in terms of graphics, game play as well as overall feel. It has much stronger hardware power to make use of this time around. The game play videos revealed so far, look really promising. A proper release date on these platforms is yet to be announced by Rockstar Games and we just hope they don’t delay this.

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