Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that can be played on the Xbox 360 and Play Station.

This game offers the player a platform where they can become the most wanted thug in the city of Los Santos and the vicinity. This is a game where the player can make anything happen. It offers three innovative antiheroes, varied missions as well as the amazing depiction of Los Santos.

This game offers players the chance to explore the gaming world and create a story in any way they want. In GTA 5, the mechanical elements have been improved. It is evident that the game comes in a more reliable cover system and the auto aim is less touchy. There is an improvement in the cars and they offer a better experience even though they come with exaggerated handling requirements.

What makes GTA 5 a blast is that there are no more checkpoints. This means that players no longer have to drive for long more than once whenever they fail a mission.

The Almost Modern Setting     

Much like its predecessor the GTA 4, GTA 5 is not as modern day as players are made to think. While the game is set to depict the present day, the plot is created with the 2008 and 2009 depth, during the time of the great recession. Most of the things that motivate the storyline are not exactly modern.

Even with the few shortcomings, one thing that the game gets right is the Los Santos setting. The city is brilliantly depicted in the game. The city and the meth producing background form the most realistic depictions of a city ever seen in a game. The game offers colorful real life experiences, whether the character is walking down the streets during the day, or creeping through backyards at night.

The city of Los Santos is quite big in comparison to Vice City and San Andreas, making it harder to master the streets in reasonable time.

GTA 5 Characters

Grand Theft Auto 5 is probably the most personable GTA game to date. It places strong emphasis on the 3 lead characters and delves into their psyches. This is made evident in Trevor who is depicted as a reprehensible protagonist. His most spiteful lines make some of the most hilarious moments in the game. Trevor is a vital part of the playable characters that represent the American life in the 2008 era. While Trevor depicts the bottoming out, another character Michael represents the individual who has it all, but still wants more. Franklin, on the other hand, is the new guy who is willing to go to whatever lengths to make enough money to be one of the richest people in Los Santos.

The Script  

The script for the GTA 5 game is well written. It helps the player to understand the characters better by going through their life outside their jobs. It starts off with Franklin and the friend Lamar, Michael’s rich and spoiled family life and Trevor’s meth lab drama and murders. This game somewhat takes the player back to the psychopathic comics that are best shown in Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti’s craziness; only that it has a tighter characterization and more plot points that help in holding the story together.

The Verdict

This game offers numerous ‘laugh out loud’ moments than any of the other GTA games for any player with a dark sense of humor. It gives the player the ability to switch to any of the characters at any given moment. It is safe to say that this is the ultimate GTA game.

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