With so many cross-messaging platforms competing on the Google Play Store, you must be confused about which one you should be using.

Looking at the user reviews and user-friendliness, many of you out there have chosen to use the app – LINE. This article will give you a brief review and user tips on the Line app.

Before reading the full article, we must tell you what the app Line is really famous for. Like many other messaging services having their own USPs, Line has its USP too. The ‘shake it’ function is up and trending now on Line.

When you’ve added a new contact onto your phone and want to refresh your contact list on Line to know whether the contact is using Line too, all you’ve to do is quickly give your phone a power shake! Yes, that’s what it’s all about and your contact will get added to the Line contacts, if he/she is using it. You can save yourself some time from getting onto the app to find the ‘refresh’ button.

Having said that, there are users who prefer a formal method of refreshing contacts; Line hasn’t let them down too. All they’ll get to do it operate the QR code or a LINE ID and they’ll be done.

Now you know what Line app’s greatest USP is, let’s dive deep into the user features of this app here:

Get Started on Line

When you choose to have Line installed on your phone, the app provides you a strong bondage—yes, once you’ve registered your number with a Line account, you will not be able to ‘unline’ from the app; at least not in the normal way. Here’s what you have to do if you prefer to uninstall Line:

  1. In the Line app, go to More and then to Settings and tap on Accounts.
  2. When you see the Facebook logo, tap on the Link button. You will be asked to login to your Facebook account. Accept all permissions to link Facebook to the LINE app.
  3. When you see that the Link option is now changed to Unlink, proceed to uninstall your LINE app from your device.

This feature of Line could be looked upon with positivity. Once you start using Line, you’ll love it and would never take the pain to uninstall it from your phone.

Your Privacy is Assured on Line

Line respects your privacy. There might be times while you will not want to see yourself added onto others’ contact list that uses Line as you. This is when you can open the app, go to More and then to Settings. Tap on Friends and uncheck Allow Others to Add. And you go bingo.

A Personalized Line ringtone for Your Special Ones

You might be chatting with numerous friends on the Line app, yet a message from your loved ones on Line makes a difference to you and you want to make it sound special. Don’t you? This is when the special ringtone feature comes handy. All you got to do is choose ‘Tone’ on the ‘Notifications’ tab in Settings and then choose a custom ringtone for your loved one. That’s a specially connected Line.

Share Your Status Updates Now on Line While FB is Boring

It is a normal habit to be sharing status updates on FB. While you find it tiring to do it, you could update your status on the move in Line. This could be the case while you want to share your status update to only the contacts you have on your Line app.

You’ll find something called the Timeline page on your Line app. Here’s where you’ll have to type out the status you want to share. Then you will tap and hold the post and decide whether you want a particular list of people to check your status update or the entire lot on your Line list. Isn’t that another splendid privacy factor as well?

The Line App is Really Worthy

So, the bottom line is that this new and revolutionary app is worth the try and is being used by at least 75 million people as their regular messaging platform. Other than the attractive stickers or smileys, the most potential point of this app is that calling is free for Line users and you’ll have to try it out for its quality calling.

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