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Motorola Moto G 4G vs LG G2 – Top Specs and Price Comparison

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If you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, you should take a look at this comparison between Motorola’s Moto G 4G and LG’s G2. Both of these are great handsets to consider when you are trying to make a decision, since they support most of the features which are a standard for the tech market. Keep reading to figure out which one is the best fit for you.

Motorola Moto G 4G

The Motorola Moto G 4G is the 4G version of the Motorola Moto G (it is self explanatory, honestly). This device is cheaper than the LG G2, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some features you should look forward too.

Design & Display

The display seen on the Moto G 4G is an IPS LCD model measuring 4.5 inches. The screen resolution rendered on this device is of 720 x 1280 pixels, while the pixel density sits at 326 pixels per inch. These specs ensure for a satisfying visual image. Motorola equips its handset with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for added protection.

Specifications, Camera & Battery

The processor that powers the smartphone is a quad core working at 1.2 GHz which is backed up by 1 GB of RAM to ensure a smooth performance. The operating system the Motorola Moto G 4G runs on is Android KitKat which also has some updates available for higher version of the same OS. The camera unit has only 5MP, and we feel this was the cutback Motorola had to make to get this handset to be a budget friendly phone. The battery unit has a capacity of 2070 mAh.


If you want to buy Motorola’s Moto G 4G, you will find this handset at the price of $219.99.

Motorola Moto G 4G vs LG G2 2


The LG G2 hit the markets all the way back in August 2013, but it received a very positive response at that time and still holds on as one of the best smartphones on the market. Let’s take a closer look at LG G2’s specs and figure out if it is worth the buy.

Design & Display

The design is extremely sleek and elegant, as most of LG’s handsets are. The display seen on this device is a True HD IPS LCD model which measures 5.5 inches. The pixel density sits at 424 pixels per inch which makes the visual experience all the more better.

Specifications, Camera & Battery

The device supports 2 GB of RAM and two options of internal memory: 16 GB and 32 GB (there is no microSD card slot, meaning that the memory is not expandable). The device has the Dolby mobile sound enhancement feature which ensures the best sound experience out there. The camera unit on this smartphone has 13 MP which showcases some features like LED flash and autofocus.


If you want to buy LG’s G2, you will find the 32 GB version of this handset priced at $380.99.