Rockstar Game’s newest kid on the block, GTA 5, is a highly immersive open world game.

It is a very popular game in this genre and Grand Theft Auto has its own massive global fan following. All the fans were waiting for the arrival of this 5th edition after the huge success of GTA IV and GTA – Episode from Liberty City. In this article, you will learn how to get the most out of the game without losing too much money on unnecessary stuffs.

Capture Security Trucks

On the street of GTA 5, you will notice security trucks roaming around. You should try robbing one, for some fun. You will also get some easy cash this way. Wait, this task is not as easy as stealing a car. Once you try to rob one of them, the driver will come out with a shotgun. The nearby police will also get alerted. Stay ready with your weapon, while you try to snatch off some money from a security truck. Once the driver comes out, take care of him first and then take care of the nearby police officers, if there are any. Now, run with whatever you can get from the truck. Do not wait for too long, else you will be caught.

Search for Hidden Collectibles with a Chop

Hundreds of collectibles are scattered around the world of GTA 5. You cannot collect all of them with your own eyes. Let a chop help you find the missing collectibles. You can easily get a chop work for you by downloading the iFruit app for your in-game character’s mobile device. The app is free; so everyone can try this little nice trick. After getting the app on your phone, you just need to select the proper option relating to hunting pick-ups and you are good to go.

A Hanger Gives You Free Access to Airports

If you are too crazy to fly a jumbo jet in the world of GTA 5, you need to search for a nearby airport. But then, when you enter one, you will face a red alert as you are unauthorised to access the area. You can give this trouble a nice solution by buying a hangar. When you have a hanger with you, you can access most of the airports without alerting the guards. However, some of the airports will still remain closed for you. Get entry to one of the airports with a hangar and steal that Jumbo Jet for a bird’s eye view of the GTA 5 world.

Upgrade Weapons

There is no other alternative way to win the missions easily without your weapons. In the world of GTA, it is Firearms that do the talking. If you have not focussed on upgrading your weapons yet, you should certainly do this for a better fortune in GTA 5. Upgraded weapons will give you more precision and more accuracy while aiming. You can hit your enemy harder if you have purchased the right upgrade for your shot gun. Use your brain and build a solid reputation in GTA 5 with weapons fully upgraded.


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