While Apple was busy making the final touches for its iPhone 6, some pranksters decided to fool the audience, presenting an Android iPhone 6 and they even convinced the fans that it’s real by disclosing some leaked information related to the upcoming device.

The Apple fans are so obsessed with this brand that they could buy anything with Apple’s logo on it. That’s why others took advantage of this madness and made an experiment. According to CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk’s reports, an Android iPhone 6 with 3D and a battery that lasts 8 days was presented to the world. The TLD pranksters got their hands on an “iPhone 6” and ran some tests on it to convince the fans that it’s the real phone.

The cloned phone had a 4.7inches screen, but the resolution was very low (960x540pixels) and the operating system was Android.

There’s a ruthless competition between Android and iOS and according to NetApplications, it seems that the Android usage increased from 44.19% to 44.62%  in only one month (June-July), while Apple’s usage decreased from 45.61% to 44.19% in the same time period.

Back to the “Android iPhone 6”. Daily Mail and TMZ revealed some leaked photo of the device which seems to have a feature similar to TouchID. The photo was obtained from a former Foxconn employee that worked under the hardware department.

The cloned device is sold for 145 dollars in China, and lawrence_uber_alles, a Reddit user, has found the clones in Shenzhen. The phone is powered by a 2.4GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and has a 12.6MP rear camera.

When the real iPhone 6 will be released, Apple will surely be a threat to its phablets competitors. The wonder product will support mobile payments and will come with other unique features as well.


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