Many kids, such as Stanley Strum spend a lot of time building different things in Minecraft – a game that has become very popular a few years ago and still is. The game comes with a lot of tools, but Stanley uses a mod with which, besides building stuff, he also learns to code.

The mod he’s using is called LearnToMod and it teaches kids how to create their own mods. Stanley created a teleporter which teleports him to a random location from his Minecraft world.

The mod also teaches kids how to write a code that creates a special bow which shoots arrows, and this creates some kind of portals between different locations from the game. This allows players to reach locations that can be quite difficult to access.

Only 150 students have access to LearnToMod which is an educational addon that teaches you the basics of programming while creating tools or tricks that you can use in Minecraft. However, the mod will be available for the public in October, when the full release date will happen.

Stephen Foster, the co-founder of ThoughSTEM – the company that created LearnToMod, said that the kids play Minecraft for many hours and he though that by introducing this mod, the kids will also learn something that will be useful for them in the near future.

ThoughtSTEM also offered in-person classes in Granite Bay, San Dieo and Oakhurts, based on the game called CodeSpells, which Foster co-created as a PhD student at University California. The idea was to attract students to use CodeSpells in order to motive them to learn some programming skills that they will find useful in the game. However, they soon noticed that most of the kids were more interested about Minecraft. After that, they decided to make a mod for Minecraft which is now called LearnToMod and it is available for 150 students, as we told you above. The mod is made for the kids between the age of 8 and 15 and teaches them to code. This will give them the opportunity to earn some college credit also.

Stanley signed up for this class this year, mostly because of the college credit. He said that the materials are well presented and that the teachers from ThoughtSTEM made it very easy for him to learn. Now, Stanley spends most of the time coding new mods while taking the company’s class on JavaScript and HTML.

ThoughtSTEM is not the first company that uses Minecraft for educational purposes. Another company called TeacherGaming has a game called MinecraftEDU that is especially built to create virtual classrooms which are used to teach kids everything from microbiology to history.

However, LearnToMod is different than most Minecraft educational programs because it doesn’t have a virtual classroom. Instead, it lets the kids create their own mods by using the knowledge they aquire while using the LearnToMod addon. After the kid create his own code in LearnToMod, the application will connect to his Minecraft account and makes the mods available for the kids to play.

Even if building Minecraft mods by using LearnToMod will not make your kid know everything about coding over night, it will teach him the basics of coding that he might find useful in the near future.


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