Want to click some stunning and impressive pictures like a pro? Learning from photography experts is a time gone now.

Apps make life and learning much easier. One such app happens to be Instagram – a photo editing and sharing app that allows the user to capture videos and pictures, and post them on your social media accounts like Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, Facebook, etc.

Instagram has integrated almost all the features from Photoshop, thanks to the God Mother of photo editing! This article is all about mastering the trick of photography using Instagram. It will hit up something that could enable an easier understanding of the app and its uses. Learn these tricks and get noticed for all those creative and impressive shots!

Crop it out Rightly

Do you always imagine your pics to be square in shape? Get this thought out and think differently – horizontal and vertical photos might at times look stunning! Landscape images are appealing to the eyes says a study. Apps like Whitagram or Afterlight along with Instagram can help you crop the pics and resize them to the right shape.

Keep the Composition Right

It doesn’t always have to be the subject of the photo in the middle. Yes, if you have been thinking to capture the shot of your loved ones candidly, think of a different option. He/she doesn’t have to be the center of the picture often. Find the right composition of the item that can go into the center of the photo, while the subject will also look enhanced at one corner of the pic. For example, you could try asking your loved ones to lean on a wall at one corner and click a shot. While the center composition is the wall, the subject at the end of the pic will still remain enhanced. This will create more energy impact on your pics. Give it a try!

Straighten it out

The straightening tool in Instagram while explored will be one of your best friends in the photo editor. When you’ve captured something like a sunset, the base of a wall, or a beach, this tool proves handy. A photo with a straight horizon looks so much better. Among the other crooked pics, a straightened out pic will be the apple of your eyes.

Get the Right Light

Say no to the flash button on your phone while you capture pics. Go by the natural light always. All you have to do is play around with your camera for the right focus, using the natural light. If you tap on the screen when you’re setting up a shot, you will notice that the place you tap your finger is where the lens focuses. Tapping on the darkest area of the photo will add the most light into your lens. Try tapping on different areas until your lighting and focuses are just right.

Go Filter Crazy

When people Instagram their pics, you must have noticed comments like “what filter is that?” A filter is simply used to add contrast, temperature, and saturation. This effort doesn’t come at the click of one button though. Supporting apps like Snapseed can do it for you.

Make the Background Inspiring

While Instagramming your favorite pics, look out for simple and neutral backgrounds. Backgrounds with soft colors allow the subject to be the focal point on any image. While you capture a pic with a background, get into the shoes of an artist – will you ever paint on a canvas that has a bouquet of flowers on the background? Just keeping it simple is the trick to right photography.

Play with Words on the Title

Your pic’s caption drives in the maximum number of visits and clicks on your pics – did you know? Make your captions meaningful and captivating.

Happy clicking and Instagramming!

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