Apple has made numerous launches in the last few years, but the company has been seriously lacking in the ‘innovative’ new product that it is famed for.

Over the years, Apple has brought out some revolutionary products like the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod that have gone on to create new segments. They may have been late to the ‘wearable device’ party, but Apple’s rumored iWatch could be the device that changes this segment as a whole.


It has been rumored for some time that Apple was set to launch the iWatch in 2014. As always, there has been no official announcement from Apple regarding this aspect, but they have scheduled a major press conference in the first week of September. This, however, is more likely to introduce the new iPhone 6 rather than the iWatch. It was initially expected that the iWatch would be launched along with the iPhone 6, but the latest rumors suggest that problems in production have pushed the launch date in early 2015.


Few details are known about the iWatch. It is widely expected that the device will come with a 1.6 inch display similar to that of the iPod Nano 6G. However, it would not be surprising to see 1.8 inch screens being offered on the iWatch. The Moto 360 has created a lot of buzz because of its attractive design. Unlike many of the square wearable devices in the market today, the Moto 360 will come with a circular design that looks highly attractive. The iWatch, however, may stick with the square display, similar to products like the Galaxy Gear from Samsung.

Irrespective of the rumors currently doing rounds, one can be almost certain that the iWatch will be an attractive product. After all, Apple is used to making some of the most desirable gadgets in the world.


Many expect the iPhone 6 to come with a sapphire glass as opposed to the gorilla glass seen in many Android smartphones to protect the display. It is quite possible that this material could be carried over to the iWatch as well. An inherent disadvantage of a watch is that it can get scratched easily and the use of such a strong material could eliminate it.


Amongst the features likely to be included in the iWatch is the Siri, one of finest voice recognition technologies in the world. Given that some of the Android wearable devices offer internal memory, which is used to store content like the pictures taken using the camera, as standard, it would not be surprising to see the iWatch come with at least 4 GB of internal storage. After the recent introduction of health and fitness apps on the Galaxy S5, it would make a lot of sense to see Apple introduce the same in the iWatch – a device that is likely to better suit this purpose.

Prices of the iWatch are expected to be higher than that of the competition. Currently, android wearable devices cost around $250, but the iWatch would cost $300.

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