Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is prepping up for a release in the month of November but the team is already giving out early in-game items to people.

If you want to be one among them, just buy a Doritos or drink some Mountain Dew which will allow you to earn cool goodies. Players who wish to customize their multiplayer characters in unique ways should join the Fuel Up for Battle challenge which is part of a promotional program. The giveaway is done by Activision in association with these two companies. It officially begins on October 6 which is a good one month before the game gets released. Any drink or Doritos purchased after this period will have a code attached to it.

All you have to do is log on to the official game website and enter it. The good news is, this is not a sweepstakes, but rather give assured in-game items for every player who owns a code. The rewards will vary and includes boots, goggles, exosuits and helmets. An additional reward is the included sweepstakes. When you enter your code, you will automatically enter the competition and one lucky winner will stand a chance to win an Xbox One. Everything sounds promising so far and there has been enough hype surrounding the game.

Fancy Goodies

Players who have already purchased the Collector’s Edition and pre-ordered the game needn’t worry because the goodies provided through the program will not have a material impact in the game. Activision had made sure that it doesn’t include any special weapons or defensive materials which could easily alter the multiplayer action. All the boots, helmets and suits that you wear will only allow you to look unique in the battlefield.

But, the big question is, do gamers really love Doritos and Mountain Dew? We don’t think so. It could also be the reason that prompted the publishers and the company to give it a shot. Players would most probably buy them all so as to gain some free gear and in their quest, they might love the taste of a Dew or Doritos. We can’t say for sure. Apart from the promised items, the company has also promised that there will be Rapid Supply Rewards. As part of the program, players will be able to earn double XP which will make it much easier to earn more in-game gear quickly.

Region Restrictions

At the moment, the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare rewards are limited to people who live in the United States but given the massive player base the game has worldwide, we hope to see it open up in other continents as well. In case they don’t have an established brand, it could always be shared through an online contest or be associated with other products available in that particular country.

Are you going to buy Doritos or Mountain Dew so that you could have a fancy exosuit in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? Drop in your comments and let us know what you think.

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