With three years in development, a whole new concept and two new generation consoles to walk in to, Sledgehammer games says that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is not the same game that players are used to.

It’s a whole new take on the franchise that is going to be a dashing entry for the first time, since the launch of Modern Warfare in 2007. When Call of Duty got rid of its world war scenario and stepped into something new, it not only changed the game, but inspired the entire first person shooter genre.

Every game that came after that was inspired by the series and now Condrey from Sledgehammer Games believes that they have recreated the magic. One of the unique features in the title is the exosuits which add a whole lot of depth to the game. Players will be able to glide, jump and boost into the air, which is something never found in previous titles. Besides, the impressive storyline, Condrey believes, will make it one of the most memorable games released in 2014.

Plenty of Resources Invested

Talking about their proud achievement, Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer games said, “We had everything we could ask for. We had the resources, the people and the time to work on the game as we imagined.” From the way he spoke, it was evident that not only Condrey, but the entire development team were really happy with the outcome and believed that their game has the scope of four Hollywood blockbuster movies put together.

For us consumers, this sounds like a huge claim, because usually the movie industry is known for the grandness that they put into and if a game development company has achieved the same, it’s a rare feat. There is Kevin Spacey from the hit series House of Cards, excellent multiplayer maps to choose from and Condrey adds that there is going to be a cooperative mode as well. “For players, we are going to offer hundreds of hours of multiplayer game play, a full cooperative mode and a campaign that is worth every minute spent with an impressive storyline set in the 2050s.”

“Activision Helped Us” – Condrey

Activision’s decision to allow each studio three years production time paid off and we can easily feel that, with the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The studios, which are part of the game creation, include Treyarch, who delivered Call of Duty Ghosts last year, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Condrey said that the company began developing this game as early as 2011 and when they started, the concept of exosuits was alien.

People in their team were not convinced that it would work but they decided to go with the idea. As the future set in, movies like Edge of Tomorrow and Elysium helped establish the idea into the minds of people that has now created a cool impression for these suits. Players are already eager to jump in and see how it works in multiplayer matches. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare releases on November 4th.

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