2048 is a popular matching game where the player’s job is to combine matching number tiles to come up with large number tiles.

There are times when the player will find that there are no more moves left and the board is full. This is where the game ends. The only way to win the game is by combining the numbers to come up with the 2048 number. This calls for strategic thinking and tile planning.

Here are tips and tricks to make it easier for you to achieve the number 2048.

Strive to Understand How the Board Moves   

In this game, the player has four ways to move – up/down/right/left. Each time the player swipes, all tiles on the board move towards the swiped direction. Multiple tiles can be combined where possible. Therefore, you need to remember this when swiping a tile – it may or may not land where you wanted it to.

Avoid Chasing Large Tiles 

When playing this game, resisting the temptation to chase after large tiles can be hard, but it must be done. When you chase large tiles, you end up in a worse off position than you had bargained for. It is, therefore, more suitable for you to concentrate on the small tiles without worrying too much about a certain set of tiles. At some point, these tiles will merge.

Work towards the Corners 

Playing your game from the corners makes sure that you have space for more tiles on the main game board. This can best be achieved by grouping your tiles into the corners. This creates room in the middle for new tiles which you can swipe into the corners to merge. You can begin grouping your tiles from the upper left side of the board and move towards other corners depending on the merging opportunities. By working from the corners, you make it easy to shift your strategies as the game progresses.

Always Plan Ahead        

It is always beneficial to plan ahead of your moves. This can be achieved by taking into account everything on the board. Once this is done, you need to consider what impact will be made when you introduce a 2 or 4 card to the board. Go for the moves that create the best combinations – this can only be achieved by planning as opposed to haphazard swiping.

Take Time to Think

At times, it can be hard to visualize what the next best move will be. Luckily, 2048 is a game that offers its player a good number of chances to bounce back even after several bad moves. However, this is only achievable as long as there are free tiles to be filled. If you are not sure of what the best move is, you can re-evaluate the cards on the board to see whether you need to change their positioning before introducing new cards.

Make Moves on Multiple Tile Merges

When the game presents you with the opportunity to merge more stacks of cards at a go, then you need to go for it. This creates more space on the board and this prolongs your game play. Also, this allows for flexibility when introducing new cards as you can place them where you want to. By combining multiple cards, you get a chance to bring in one and get rid of several, which is always the best course of action for this game.


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