The iPhone 5S is the latest version from Apple while the Galaxy S5 is the latest version from the Samsung brand. How exactly do these two phones compare?

The Camera

iPhone 5S comes with an 8MP BSI sensor rear camera, which also comes with a dual LED flash. It has the ability to capture 3264×2448 resolution images and can record a full 30fps HD video with a slow motion function. The 1/3in sensor comes with 1.5µm pixels, which allows the camera to capture more light information than most smartphone cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with ½.6in sensor that boasts 1.241µm pixels. It also comes with a 16MP sensor – this does not necessarily increase the picture quality. Also, the camera in the S5 makes use of the new ISOCELL technology for sensors. This technology reduces the crop factor of the image and also improves the dynamic range by blocking light leaks between pixels. The camera can shoot 4640×3489 resolution images and can record 1080p video at 6fps. This camera can also record ultra-HD videos with a resolution of 3480×2160 at 30fps. It can also shoot HD videos.

In an outdoor shots test, when the HDR is switched off, the Galaxy S5, and the iPhone 5S, both capture detailed images that come with accurate colors. However, both phones struggle with capturing the details in the sky, making the images to appear slightly darker and not very much exposed.

On switching the HDR on, there is very little difference for the iPhone, when used in overcast and cloudy conditions. The images barely change when you play with the on and off HDR button with very minimal extra light captured by the sensor.

On the other hand, switching on the HDR in the Galaxy S5 changes the entire outlook of the image. The S5 can capture a more dynamic range, while creating more life-like colors. It also captures the details in the sky and light reflections. Also, the Galaxy S5 comes with live view HDR, which makes it possible to view what the photos will look like before capturing the image. The iPhone does not come with this function.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 also comes with a better front camera, a 2MP sensor, with the ability to record 1080p video chats at 30fps. The iPhone comes with a 1.2MP front camera with the ability to record only 720p web chats at 30fps.

This makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini a much better option if you are choosing a smartphone based on the camera.

The Screen

Ultimately, the size of the screen affects how the image appears. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a massive 5.1 inch touchscreen. The bezels on the exterior side are slightly thinner with a 3mm dimension. The phone has an aspect ratio of 16.9. However, it may be difficult for some people to reach different parts of the screen using one hand.

On the other hand, the iPhone comes in a 4 inch screen. It has a 16.9 aspect ratio making it tall, but thin in size. It is easier to reach every part of the screen on this phone using one hand than it is on the Galaxy S5.

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