Don’t expect that the walkthrough to be very detailed because this game is randomly generate levers and also has an arcadelike highscore focus. Because of this, a very detailed walkthrough could be impossible to write. To get the highest score that is possible you most follow some simple steps.

1) Control and Comfort

An easy way to achieve a high score stays in comfort. You must keep your hand in a comfortable position if you don’t want to get tired and make a mistake during a run. Because of the tilt control, not holding your phone properly will definitely ruin the chance of a long run.

To adopt a comfortable position you must hold your hand closely around the phone horizontally, on one side you hold the fingers and on the other side the thumb. After you have decided with which hand you can easily swipe up and down and then side-to-side or other way around, the phone will be hold with the other hand.

2) Upgrades For Easy Rise-Up

The character you’re playing or the powerups such as boost or resurrection must not be something to worry about. These could be useful later in the game. Using the coin magnet powerup you must upgrade, it’s for the best. After you have done this, more coins could be taken easier on the runs.

The following upgrades must be unlocked in this order: start with Coin Magnet then go for Double Value, 50 Coin following Invisibilty, and then 250 M Boost, as you progress.

3) Down or Up

Even though Temple Run likes you to slide under you can easily jump over, and this is a better idea because could bring you a higher score, so be ready to jump than slide. You must be always ready to jump over the obstacles than sliding them under.

Temple Run will not play well the obstacle in the beginning, you will expect of this when high distances will be reached, so keep it in mind. For example, if you catch flames, in a short time you will see only flames. The same is applied for the roots too.

4) Life Cannot Be Bought With Money

Because the resurrection is a singleuse powerup, you must pay attention on keeping your character alive rather than collecting coins, because coins cannot buy life in this game. So keep on the path and stay alive when it’s difficult to collect coins, it’s more important.

You could be tempted to go side to side to take the coins, but a bigger run brings you more profit than the coins. If you want a high score, stay on the middle path, if it’s missing, just follow the path you could run to, and keep your eyes open and the hand ready for the obstacles.

After the upgrade named double coins is grabbed, you will see the truth in this advice and the coins that are more valuable will appear on 1500 meters.

5) Trip on Purpose

If you run very fast, a way to slow down is to trip on purpose. Don’t trip twice because you will be caught by the monkeys, so be very careful. You have two ways to trip that are very easy. If you see small tree root, don’t avoid it, just swipe to turn or walk right over it. Keep in mind that you can only do this on the paths with edges, because those will help you not to fall off.

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