The news that you have all been waiting for! Microsoft and 4J studios officially confirmed in their respective social media handles that Minecraft Xbox One is all scheduled to hit stores on September 5.

The release date of the game continued to be a mystery for ardent fans who wanted to experience the title on the new generation console with better textures and all the title updates incorporated into it. The time has finally come. The open world sandbox game got released on PC first, developed by Mojang.

It was a commercial hit and became a classic title that witnessed millions of players joining its active community. However, the developers at that point weere not sure whether it would make the same impact on consoles. The porting job was handed over to 4J studios and with an exclusive deal with Microsoft, it got launched on Xbox 360. Surprisingly, the game found a huge audience there and became the most sought after title, selling millions of copies. It took almost a year before it then made its way to the Sony platform.

Pricing Revealed

In their official blog, Microsoft confirmed the release date as well as the pricing for the Minecraft Xbox One edition. The game will cost you $19.99 if you are going to buy a standalone copy and don’t own the Xbox 360 version of the title. However, if you already own the older generation console version of the title, you can easily upgrade to the new game by paying just $4.99 via the Xbox Store.

Digital copies are going to be the most sought after way to purchase the game but there have been talks that a retail edition will launch as well so, that collectors could own cool looking boxes. The physical retailer stores will also be selling codes for the game that you can purchase in any of your neighborhood game stores. Microsoft also confirmed that a boxed edition of the title will be available for purchase during the Holiday season, which we assume should be in the month of November or December.

Download Your Digital Content

One of the biggest achievements that 4J studios has managed with the Minecraft Xbox One edition is that you will be able to transfer most of your save files from the Xbox 360 version. There is no need to leave them all behind when you are making the switch, which should allow you to be in your comfort zone all the time. The blog says that players will be able to re-download digital content purchased for the Xbox 360 version onto their new Xbox One console. The latest version of the game claims that its world map is at least 36 times larger than its previous generation edition. That’s a whole lot of space to cover. Till date 13 million copies of the Xbox 360 edition has been sold and the company believes that the success will continue with this new edition as well.

Minecraft Xbox One edition is confirmed for September5 launch and according to 4J Twitter account, Sony’s Playstation 4 will be right behind.


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