Motorola has been out of the limelight for some time now.

However, the company is desperately trying to make a comeback into the smartphone arena with its latest releases. The success of Moto X raised a few hopes for the company in the smartphone arena. However, the company made some improvements in its handset and released the successor, the Moto G smartphone into the market. The Moto G does not boast of high-end specs and features, but ensures to get the task done with its simple design and hardware features. The Moto G is readily available in the market at a cost of $179. The lower cost of the smartphone had some companies nearly skip a beat in such a competitive arena.

In comparison today, the Micromax Canvas A116 HD smartphone, which is a dual SIM Android-based phablet, superseding the Canvas 2 A110 smartphone. The handset was released exclusively being equipped with a quad core processor running at a speed of 1.2GHz, coupled with a RAM of 1GB and a 5-inch IPS LCD display.

Let us compare the Micromax Canvas A116 HD smartphone to the Moto G in terms of their design, to help people make an informed decision.


Moto G

In terms of design, the Moto G is very identical to that of its predecessor, the Moto X smartphone. The delicate curved back panel of the Moto G along with its overall design is identical to the Moto X smartphone. The Moto G is a form-fitting smartphone, unlike the kind of various smartphones available in the market at present. This makes it a user friendly and easy to handle device. The rear panel of the Moto G fits well in the hand and provides a comfortable feeling. Despite the Moto G being equipped with a polycarbonate plastic body, the notion of a removable rear panel offers the user with a variety of color options.

The front of the smartphone comes equipped with a 1.3MP user facing camera. Other features of the handset include a LED light notification, earpiece and light/proximity sensors.

The Moto G comes equipped with similar placement of buttons and ports as that of the Moto X smartphone. All are placed exactly in the same position as that of the Moto X smartphone. The rear of the Moto G comprises of a 5MP camera, featuring a LED flash and a 720p resolution for video recording. The small rounded cutouts of the speaker grill and the Motorola logo is serrated on the rear. The SIM slot is under the rear removable panel of the handset.

Micromax Canvas A116 HD

The large 5-inch display equipped on the Micromax comes with IPS LCD technology. The display offers the user with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Unlike the other branded smartphones coming with Corning Gorilla Glass coating for protection against scratch and dust, the Micromax handset comes with an AGC Sodaline scratch resistant protective coating, which is not that efficient. The curved edges and the plastic back panel with matte white or glossy finish provides the smartphone a premium look.

The Top comprises of a 3.5mm jack head along with a microUSB port. The smartphone comes equipped with an 8MP camera featuring auto focus and LED flash and a 2MP user facing camera on the front.


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