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WeChat Free Download – Start Chatting Using Voice Message


WeChat is a mobile communications application made in China with the capability of being used in any part of the world.

The app was initially only available in China, but it has since expanded to other parts of the world. WeChat faces stiff competition from WhatsApp, ChatON and Viber. However, WeChat comes with more features than its competitors do and this is what makes it ideal for many users.

WeChat allows you to send instant messages, make voice calls, and make quality video calls among many other features. This is a cross platform application meaning it can be used on different mobile devices and it is also ideal for desktop computers.


WeChat is a mobile free calling and texting application that allows you to register without the need for login details. Instead, the app uses your mobile number to register your account. It also allows you to sign in using your Facebook account.

This app can be used on different operating systems like iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry. The app is available as a free download and the service is free too. All one needs is internet connectivity to be able to use this service. The best thing about WeChat is the fact that even though it is a free application, it does not come with ads, which is very common with most free apps.

WeChat allows you to enjoy free live chats with friends and family on WebChat, with a possibility of making free calls. Voice calls made on WeChat are quite different since they are made in half-duplex while other platforms mostly offer VoIP calls. You have to press a button when talking and release it when done. The voice is recorded and sent to your recipient. WeChat also allows you to make voice calls to more than one recipient through group chats.

If you are looking for real time talk, you can opt for the video calling feature. WeChat offers high quality video calls when compared to other apps. However, the quality of the video call is determined by several factors like internet connection. To enjoy the best video calls, consider using a Wi-Fi connection.

Adding Friends to Contact List

WeChat allows you to create a contact list from your contacts. WeChat has the capability of syncing your mobile contacts with your WeChat account. You can share IDs, scan QR codes to add friends and shake to find contacts. The shaking feature is most interesting where you shake your phone to find other WeChat users who were shaking their phones at the same time.

The Look around Feature

This is a feature that allows you to be visible to other WeChat users and at the same time, you can see other users who are using the feature at the same time. This feature is more like the ‘Skype me’ feature on Skype which allows you to search for friends.

Another amazing ability with WeChat is the ability to drop a message in a virtual bottle and send it randomly. Any other WeChat user can catch the bottle, read the message and re-drop it for other users. It is also possible for you to ‘digitally fish’ for message bottles on WeChat if you want some excitement.

WeChat also offer a wide range of emoticons that can be used in texts and chats. This is one of the reasons WeChat is a favorite among many.