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Viber Download On PC Without Using A Smartphone or Tablet – Tips and Tricks


Viber is one of the most used free calling and texting applications for mobile phones and the high amount of downloads and users prove that. It is also available for PC and now you can log in from your PC and your mobile phone at the same time. However, if you don’t have a verified Viber account on your tablet or smartphone, you won’t be able to use Viber on your PC.

Getting Viber on your PC without having a tablet or smartphone

The idea is to use Viber on a “virtual machine” and get the activation code on a real mobile phone and keep in mind that you don’t need a smartphone or tablet for that, a normal phone will do just fine. Here are the things you will need:

1. A Google account
2. A mobile phone with a valid number
3. BlueStacks or any other Android virtual machine.

BlueStacks is one of the best Android virtual machines and we recommend you to use this. After you finish installing Blue Stacks, go to the search button and type Viber. After that, install the application called “Viber: Free Calls & Messages”.

You will be required to login with your Google account and after that, the installing process will begin. In case Viber will ask you to access your address book in order to sync the contact lists, click OK. After that, you will be asked to enter the phone number, type it and click on “Continue” button. Right away, you will get a message from Viber with an activation code that you will have to enter on BlueStacks in order to complete the installation of Viber on your “virtual” Android. After you type the activation code, you will be able to use Viber on PC, by using the phone number as your ID/username.

Using Viber on your PC

As we told you above, Viber can be used on PC and it supports both Windows and MAC. After installing Viber on your PC, it will ask you that if you have Viber on your mobile phone. You will answer yes and then you will need to write your phone number as your Viber ID. Now get back to Blue Stacks, where you will get a message from Viber that gives you an Activation Code. Use that code to finish installing Viber on your PC.

Now you can use Viber on your PC without needing a smartphone or tablet.