There are a good number of free messaging applications in the market today and WeChat is one of them.

WeChat is a cross-platform free messaging app that is commonly used in China. WeChat is actually the international version of Weixin, which is used in China. WeChat can now be used in different parts of world, not just China. WeChat is available in different languages including Spanish, English, Russian, Hindi, as well as Indonesian.

The WeChat messaging app was released in 2011 and by May 2014, it enjoyed more than 390 million active monthly users, with more than 25% being from outside China. This places WeChat in stiff competition with WhatsApp and Viber, which are also cross platform messaging apps that enjoy more than 490 million and 100 million users, monthly, respectively.

As mentioned above, WeChat is a cross platform application. This means that it can work on different operating systems, namely Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows phone, Blackberry and Mac. There is also a web version for PC users. This ensures that different users on different platforms can communicate with ease.

WeChat Functionality

Like most of its competitor apps, WeChat allows its users to send messages, share photos, send MMS, voice messages and also make free voice and video calls. This application also supports group chat functions, broadcast messaging as well as walkie talkie modes. Other services, users can expect to get from WeChat, include location sharing, photo sharing, contacts sharing and inbuilt games.

WeChat also comes with premium services such as downloading stickers and also downloading games with the in-app game purchase service. WeChat games are quite common, with more than 570 million downloads in just a few months of launching the WeChat game center in 2013.

How Wechat Compares To Other Messaging Apps

WeChat can be termed as one of the best free messaging and calling apps currently available. This is because just like its competitors, WhatsApp and Viber, WeChat offers all the services offered by both apps. It allows for free calling and messaging among other in built features common with the competitors. Actually, the fact that WeChat can allow users to make free calls places it a tad bit higher than WhatsApp in terms of features. Even so, WhatsApp is expected to be upgraded in the near future to include a voice call function.

Adding Friends to Your Contact List

With WeChat, it is possible for the user to create a contact list from their mobile phone contacts. Since the manual creation of the contact list can be hard, WeChat comes with syncing abilities which allows the app to sync with the mobile contacts to create a contact list of other WeChat users. It is also possible to scan QR codes, share IDs and even shake to find other WeChat contacts. The shaking feature is quite interesting and uncommon with messaging apps. When a user shakes their phone, they will get a list of other WeChat users who were shaking their phones at the same time. This is a great way of making new friends on the platform.

WeChat offers more functions than most of its competitors. With its ever growing numbers, downloading and using this app is a smart choice to make.

Applications WeChat – How It Stacks Up Against WhatsApp and Viber