The first person shooter video game, Wolfenstein, was the brainchild of Muse software, which developed the first version of the game.

Since then, several versions of the game have been developed by ID Software while the latest version, Wolfenstein: The New Order has been made by Raven Software. The game is widely played and is believed to have helped in popularizing the shooting game genre at the start of the millennium. The game has gone much change from the time it was released first, though the storyline basically remains the same and so does the environment.

The game is set on an alternate history of the World War 2 era, where the Axis powers win the war and the Allies are defeated. The episodes are concerned with the protagonist, William Blazkovick’s, efforts to destroy the Nazi regime and end the war. The protagonist is an American spy who is captured by the enemies while he was trying to find the details of the Operation Iron Fist. He tries to escape from prison and armed with only a knife and gun, finds himself face to face with the prison guard. He finds that the operation is indeed true and Nazis are trying to create mutants. Soon, Blazkovick finds himself directly against Adolf Hitler who is heavily armored and he has to find a way to beat him.

Action and Adrenaline Rush

The game is played in the first person perspective and the intense shooting and action sequences make it one of the best action adventure games of the year. The health system is also different from standard shooting games as it is divided into parts. The players need to maintain some health in all these parts and as soon as one compartment is empty, they must take the health pack to replenish it.

As the game is set in the World War era, players use the regular techniques of fighting and improvise on their own as the game proceeds. Firefights, explosive attacks and melee attacks are effective against enemies and often ambush attacks also prove to be a great way to kill enemies. The option of customizing the weapons makes Wolfenstein more interesting. Like players can choose to attach a rocket launcher at the side of an assault rifle and use both simultaneously, while the laser canon is a good choice if a cutting tool is needed. Weapons and ammo are widely strewn throughout the game and can also be collected from the dead enemies at specific places.

The Tech Specs

The latest game uses the id Tech 5 engine and the makers have incorporated all the latest features to make it a great experience when played on the modern day consoles. The environment is detailed and graphics are great, perfect for the enthusiastic gamers. The engine allows the game Wolfenstein to proceed without any lags and effectively displays the graphics. What it lacks is the online multiplayer mode, for which the game makers have admitted that it would make the experience less engaging.

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