When the news comes from a marketing firm that is run by Rockstar’s marketing manager, it is hard to refute the source.

A strong rumor circulated a couple of days ago claiming that GTA 5 is not coming to the PC. From a player’s perspective, it is really annoying, because this Windows version of the game has stirred controversy right from the start. When the title got released in September on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the console gamers blamed PC for promoting piracy and even created a petition asking Rockstar to never bring the game to the platform.

However, during E3 2014 the company confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V is definitely coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Before the community could heave a sigh of relief, here comes a rumor that says the developers were really not in the mood to bring the game to the platform stating various reasons. It has been cancelled and will never make it, was the last news that we heard.

Rockstar Clarifies For the First Time

When such controversial news and rumors are in the air, Rockstar the original developers of GTA 5 would usually enjoy staying silent. They will never ever make a comment or participate in the player community questions. But, for the first time they have made a post in their official forums, to answer an eager fan who wanted to know whether the game is coming to PC or not. The staff said, “We are also looking forward to the release. The release date has not been changed or delayed as being said. It’s all coming out as planned.”

While it is still annoying to know that the company representative never confirmed an official release date, it is good to know they are supporting the gamers finally. In particular, those who play on PC  had undergone turmoil in the past months for being pirates of the game, despite the platform displaying great potential in terms of software as well as hardware sales, helping the gaming industry to generate billions.

New Listing Says Nov 14

A lot of listings related to GTA 5 have been spotted in recent times. None of them are official but at the same time any one of them could be the real date. On an e-commerce website named Gem’s listing in the United Kingdom, it has been said that the game is set to launch on November 14 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Rockstar is yet to say yes to it but this is the latest listing that we have got and we believe it should be something close to the fall release date that the developers were talking about.

GTA 5 has made huge revenue of $1 billion on PS3 and Xbox 360. At this rate, it could make double the money or more when it comes to new gen consoles and PC. The upcoming game is going to be visually brilliant, will have increased draw distance, vehicles and more customization features than you could ask for.


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