Turning corners, jumping over obstacles, sliding under hazards, endless running, swiping and tilting your phone like a play station jockey – these are words that cannot fully describe the addictive game; Temple Run.

There is something more than all of these action plays in this game and you will get addicted to it like nothing!

This thrilling game lets you run on the toughest pathway in your goal to find a temple, which is still being searched for by many excellent runners out there. This article will provide a brief of comfort points and tricks you can stick onto, in order to run safely without falling prey to those dangerous savages.

The Basics to Running

As you run through the pathway to find the temple, you will get to hit many golden coins within your reach. Ensure that you do ‘the collecting’ as much as possible. Because, when you turn through those dangerous corners and jump over life gulping dangers, these coins can power-up your running. In all, you might have to gather 50,000 points or hit on 250 coins to get that additional power. This is where it all starts.

Stay Calm and Run On

Take control of your urge to rapidly hit your touchscreen while the action is in peak. You will be prone to the less-mistake zone if you focus and play with patience in spite of all the speed running there on the screen.

If you find that your speed is going uncontrollable and is hyping you up with the wrong moves, purposely hit on a stone or trip down on tree bark and your running will slow down. Immediately you can take control of the situation. And, don’t worry, you will find such low hanging trees and roots every now and then while you keep the show running.

There is another danger of tripping, which you should remember strongly – if you trip twice continuously the angry monkeys can eat you up just like that. 2 trips and they’ll catch up to your speed! Still, if your condition is uncontrollable, deliberately plummet yourself to death. This is when you will be provided with Angel Wings and you could take advantage of the utility!

Money can’t Buy Everything

While you’ve been seriously running on, you might find that you can buy lives for money from the Play Store. This is a complete no-no. Don’t get attracted by those junkies, they are not worth it! You’ll be benefited by running more and if you are really interested in earning a lot of lives, then stick onto the middle path on the runway and keep breaking obstacles. The game by itself, in the course of running will gift you with many lives that money can’t buy!

The Bottom Line to Running

All that being said and done, you should remember that the easiest way possible to score high is to stay in your comfort zone. Hold your phone properly and take proper control of the tilts and swipes. Ensure that your phone is wrapped up properly inside your palm, with fingers on one side and your thumb on the other side.

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