The smartphones war has become absorbing, with each passing day.

Earlier, the battle was considered to be between two sections, which has now transformed into a large scale war, as more companies have joined in. The big guns in the market are losing their sheen with more and more companies entering into the market with their latest and upgraded smartphones. The Korean giant has to come directly into competition with the likes of HTC, a powerful Android-powered counterpart. The smartphones from both the companies are competent to stand against each other in terms of design, features and specifications.

Let us compare the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, in terms of camera specifications, to that of the HTC One M8 smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy S4

The 13MP snapper of the Galaxy S4 brings the smartphone into the high-end segment of camera phones. The 13MP camera comes with a plethora of features, which aims to make the handset more flexible and user friendly. The camera comes with standard settings such as effects, resolution and exposure, along with shooting modes, such as, Best face, Beauty face, Best photo, Night, Sports and more.

The dual shot camera of the GS4 comes with Drama Shot, Sound and Shot, Cinema Photo and Story Album features. The camera is good, offering the user with realistic photos equipped with vibrant and lively colors. The handset handles the exposure efficiently, offering detailed images and minimum noise while shooting images in daylight. When shooting images and videos indoors, the camera offers a disappointing offering to the user, with fine details getting washed out. Regardless, the colors remain natural.

Video Recording: The GS4 has the ability to record 1080p of smooth video recording. The exposure and colors of the video are satisfactory, if not brilliant. The microphone offers a mediocre performance, capturing sharp and high sounds.

HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 has been equipped with a new dual camera, but the image quality does not get any better than the previously equipped 4MP ‘UltraPixel’ camera.

The 4MP camera of the HTC One M8 comes with similar 1/3-inch sensor, offering a tad larger than usual 2 micron pixels. As a result, the resolution of the camera reduces drastically. The camera comes equipped with f2.0 wide lens with ‘Smart Flash’, having two colored LEDs. The camera comes equipped with ‘Smart Stabilization’ feature.

The user facing camera has been installed to measure depth information, in order to shed explicit focus on various depths during the shots. The HTC One M8 comes with improved camera UI, offering a more organized and cleaner arrangement.


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