Minecraft: Xbox One edition has already been released and the players who already installed Minecraft on their Xbox 360 consoles, now they have the opportunity to buy the new Minecraft: Xbox One Edition for only 4.99 dollars. However, if you are new to Minecraft, then you will have to pay 19.99 dollars for the new edition.

In order to “qualify” for this discount, you must own the retail disk of Minecraft for Xbox 360 or have the digital version and login on your Xbox Live account. After you login you Xbox Live and have a Minecraft: Xbox 360 game attached, you will see the 4.99 dollars offer that we’ve talked about above.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition comes with great features such as split screen, 36 larger worlds, great graphics and so many other improvements from the previous Edition of the game.

It seems that Microsoft has some more offers to surprise the players that buy games from the retailers that participate at this promotion in the US. From 7 to 13 September, if you buy an Xbox One game from those retailers, you will get one free Xbox One game of your choice. And yeah, it’s really your choice, because you can end up by getting the Watch Dogs game, or Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, Titanfall or any other game that you really like.

Microsoft also confirmed that this offer is valid for all retail Xbox One games and it is available for the Xbox One bundles too. With other words, if you want to get Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle or One Madden NFL 15 Bundle on your Xbox One, you will still be getting a free game of your choice that is priced at 59.99 dollars or lower.



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