Apple has restrained from making any large design changes to its signature smartphone, the iPhone, for quite some time now.

The last major redesign came with the iPhone 4. However, judging by reports and leaked photos, we are in for a completely new design and revamped device.

First of all, the new iPhone 6 will be extremely thinner than predecessors. Reports suggest something in the range of 6mm and maybe even slimmer. The phone will have a metal unibody, with the power button moved to the side of the phone. Additionally, sources indicate a lighter device.

Design Makeover

The iPhone 6 will have a curved design, with glass front tapered in at the bezel. All the changes to the design are made in order to make the device easier, more comfortable and ergonomic on the hand. Apple is finally delivering a smartphone with larger screen display and the challenge for the company was to make it easy to operate with just one hand. Another change targeting better ergonomics is the move of the sleep/wake button to the right hand edge. This move makes sense, since it is hard to reach to the top of the device when the screen display is set at 4.7 inches.

Experts are comparing the new iPhone6 with the design of the iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad mini. Leaked photos suggest the dimensions of the iPhone 6 will be 138×67 mm. Compared with the iPhone 5S, the new device has improved significantly.

More protection

Sapphire glass is expected to premier on the new device, but it is still unknown whether it will be available for all the iPhone6 versions. Sources suggest that the Sapphire glass is designed for the 5.5 inches version and possibly the 64 GB version of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. Sapphire glass should provide even more protection for the display of the device than the existing Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Another element due to a redesign is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The feature should get both design and performance upgrade. With the new design, Apple will also make the iPhone 6 water resistant.

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