When everyone expected Samsung to push the limits even more with the Note 4, the company decided to stick to a screen size of 5.7 inches.

The improvements are in other sections, resulting in better and more premium feel phablets. After enduring so much criticism for the Galaxy S5, Samsung has appealed to its customers and heard their requests.

Design and Display

As mentioned, Samsung elected to restrain from increasing the display. The Note 4 features the same screen size as its predecessor, 5.7 inches, but with much improved screen resolution. The screen boasts Quad HD Super AMOLED display, with resolution of 2560 x 1440, and density of little over 500ppi. Another improvement is in the display itself. Samsung claims to use a technology that allows the display to change, depending on the light exposure. In its essence, this should solve the problem with the display when exposed to the sun.

Samsung has also made improvements in the build of the device. The frame of the handset is made of metal (aluminum), keeping Samsung competitive in the market with Apple’s premium look and feel.
Dimensions of the device are 153 x 79 x 8.5, weighting 176 grams.

Hardware and Operating System

The Galaxy Note 4 features an insanely powerful Snapdragon 805 quad core processor, clocked at 2.7GHz and supported by 3 GB of RAM memory. Take a moment to soak those specifications in. Some people have yet to boast those specs in their PC, not to mention their smartphone. With its larger screen, the Note 4 also offers several special multitasking features for users. It is all about the size, and taking advantage of it. The device comes with 32/64 GB internal storage, but has a microSD slot for 64 GB of memory more.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs on the latest 4.4 Android KitKat version.


Samsung has made an improvement with the camera, making it a 16-MP rear facing one. A neat feature, f stop, allows for 60% more light, which translates to better quality images both during the day and the night. S Pen can also be used with the camera.


The Note 4 comes with a battery capacity of 3220 mAh. It is unknown how much it lasts on both standby and talk time.


The company has not revealed the price of the new device and users can only speculate until it hits the market. Just for comparison, Note 3 was priced at $800 when it hit the market in 2013.

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