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WhatsApp Plus Free Download – How to Use On PC and Smartphone


WhatsApp Plus is a modified and more recent version of the official WhatsApp application.

This new app comes with numerous customization options that are absent in the original application. As the name suggests, this app comes loaded with numerous additional features.

What is Different in WhatsApp Plus?

At a glance, it is easy to notice that the new WhatsApp Plus comes with a translucent interface, which is adopted from the Android 4.4 KitKat. This makes it possible for users to have a transparent status bar and navigation bar, which can be customized using the WhatsApp Plus colors.

There are also some changes in the menus. The WhatsApp Plus comes with a ‘Plus’ option on the menu which is home to numerous customization options for the app. There are options to customize almost every inch of your WhatsApp interface and account. You can change how your contact screen looks like, how your chat screen appears, or even how your notification icon looks like.    

On the ‘Plus’ option, you will come across a themes tab. Here, you have the ability to change how the entire interface looks by using the pre-installed themes. If these do not suit your taste, you can simply download more themes from the download option in the themes tab. There is also a ‘more’ button that allows you to save your changed theme for sharing or future use.

The Plus menu also comes with a frequently asked questions section. Here, you find all the questions you might have about installing and using the WhatsApp Plus app. Just beneath the FAQ section, there is an ‘update’ button which keeps the app updated. There is also an option for manual or automatic updates. On the same section, you will come across the Plus change log option, which lists all changes made on your WhatsApp Plus app from the time you started using it.

The WhatsApp Plus app has been updated to include the ‘full WhatsApp Plus backup’ option. This allows you to do a complete backup for your app. The app also comes with its very own widget which can be used on any launcher home screen. This widget is an addition to the official WhatsApp widget.

This app is mostly known and loved for its ability to hide the online status. However, you will have to download a premium Plus donation app to be able to use this feature.

Where to Get WhatsApp Plus for Smartphones

This app is not available for free download from app stores. The only place to find the app is online from the developer’s website. Once downloaded, install it and start enjoying all the amazing features.   

Before you install the new version, you need to backup all your WhatsApp chats. This can be done from the chat settings trough the ‘save conversations’ option. Once done, uninstall the WhatsApp application and install WhatsApp+.

Using WhatsApp PLUS on PC

To be able to use WhatsApp Plus on your PC, you will need an Android emulator, internet connectivity and a computer that runs Mac or Windows.

Install the emulator onto your PC, open it, and leave it to load.

From the search box, search for WhatsApp Plus application and click on the install button.

Once the download is complete, you can finish the activation process to start using WhatsApp Plus on your PC.