After having removed many of the bugs and glitches that hindered the game play experience in Battlefield 4, the development team is now focusing on removing cheaters from their title.

A group of cheaters can easily spoil the gaming experience, as any bug would, because they would be playing against the rules and scoring out of the ordinary. Sharing their views on the same, anti-cheat administrator head Sabina af Jochnick said that they are doing their best to make sure no one gets hurt in the process.

It is exceptionally tough to carry out bans because sometimes even legitimate players will fall prey to the anti-cheat system for no mistake of theirs. The game uses FairFight anti-cheat software, which is also used by Titanfall, to detect unusual player activities. The software doesn’t enforce any rules automatically because developers believe that giving the rights to an automatic program is not the best way to go about it. Instead, they manually ban or kick any player out, if they confirm them to be using any sort of cheat.

Community Anti-Cheat Program

While the majority of the power relied on developers, the Battlefield 4 anti-cheat team has now decided to involve the community into this process. It is similar to the concept used by e-mail service providers and telephone companies. If a large group of people mark someone as a spam, or as in this case, a cheater, they will be banned without question. As players are teamed up randomly, it is not practically possible to mark someone for personal vengeance. Besides, Sabina said, “Making a new rule is not easy because it takes time.

When we create something new, we have to make sure the rule that is being imposed is tested as well as tried, to be working. All rules have to be analyzed and validated before they are moved onto the player community. Another objective of ours is to make sure no legitimate player gets banned. So, we use multiple rounds to ensure that a cheat is in progress. The decision is not purely made based on the kill / death ratio, because many good players could maintain that on abnormal levels which may sound illegal. FairFight analysis will be taken into consideration and only after enough evidence is collected to prove that they are cheating, an action will ensue.”

Using FairFight Fairly

FairFight is a reliable software tool and Battlefield 4 aims to make use of it in a fair way, rather than blindly relying on it. Besides using it to monitor the kill and death ratio, the software is also being used to find players who are using map layout glitches to their advantage. This allows the studio to fix that glitch and also warn the player to not exploit such issues to score more. On banning, the team head said that if someone uploads abnormal stats on YouTube, has an insane kill death ratio or more, will be suspended for a limited time or may receive a permanent ban for repeat offenses.


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