What pops up in your mind when you think of ‘Skype’?

Typing away messages to your near and dear ones whom you can’t get to see often-right? Well, there’s much more than just this typing away. If you didn’t know what those were, then you are in the right place. Read about the not-so-well known features of Skype and get some useful insights to tell your friends!

Get away with those regular fonts and make it a li’l more special

Let’s look at this feature with an example—you’ve been writing something special in the midst of your routine writing saga. Would you want to repeat the same boring handwriting everywhere? Wouldn’t that be monotonous? Well, the alternative you would choose is to follow a different writing style—it might be grandeur writing with flowing letters and those usual tails styling their way. This is the same feature when it comes to Skype.

You Skype with a few friends or relatives just because they aren’t seeing you in person regularly and of course, Skyping is special in that way! Instead of looking at those regular writing fonts, you could style and customize your writing font on Skype and make that grandeur too. Just go to the Tools menu on the top of your Skype screen and select Options. On the left hand side menu, click on IM & SMS and then on IM appearance. Finally, press the Change font button to set the font to your taste.

Hide the pencil

Bored of that moving pencil around your screen indicating typing or deleting? Bid farewell! Hide the pencil by going to Tools–>Options–>IM & SMS–>IM settings and then choose Show advanced Options. From the check list of options you see on your screen, choose to uncheck ‘Show when I am typing’ option and bingo—your pencil is trashed!

Same names, different people

So, you know many people who share the same name. All the more, everyone’s closer to you, but you could get them wrong and goof up just because they share the same names. Here’s the way out of the name maze—in the Contacts view, click on the name of the person you want to change. You’ll see a new window with the person’s name at the top. Move your cursor there and you’ll get to see a notepad and a paper icon. Your chance to christen your friends and relatives—name them according to how you call them or what name you’d like to differentiate them with.

Did you just make a typo-edit it instantly even after sending it!

Typos while chatting, can change your life for the better or worst—agree? And this is every man’s common trait. Well, if you made the typo while chatting with your known circle of friends/relatives, you could always let them know what you intended to convey. But, does it feel good to express the same while you chat formally with a new person/official contact? This is where Skype gives you a helping hand. All you got to do is, press the Up arrow button on your keyboard and the message will appear back in the box! Now, make the changes and resend instantly. A second chance is always the best happening-right?

View multiple chat windows

While you are completely indulged in your chatting time and you’ve got the time to reconnect with many friends, Skype throws up some disappointment to you by only showing one screen at a time. You regularly make use of the Shift+Tab to check updates on the other chat screens. If that’s what you think Skype has to offer you, you are wrong. You can open up multiple chat windows if you want to chat with more than one person without having to use the Tab. Go to the View menu. Select Compact View and multiple windows are created. All at once effortlessly!

Get the gang talk

Did you think a group chat is only possible on your mobile messenger apps? You were just wrong! Get your group call or a group chat on! Drag and drop contacts into an existing chat window and gossip, discuss, brainstorm and get the gang talking!!

Share your life, share your screen

When you want to share what’s happening on your screen like how you share your life incidents to your loved ones, Skype allows you to! All you’ll have to do is click on the ‘+’ menu and select “Share Screens” and you get to show the world what you have on your screen!

Skype away with advanced features and make Skype calling technologically sound!!



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