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Viber Download With New Videos Calls Chat for iOS and Android


Viber is the chatting application for mobiles purchased by Japan Rakuten for $900Million that is in continuously rising above the standard voice calls on the phones to a new level, introducing the video calling feature to the iOS and Android smartphones.

This service has been provided for the desktop applications for a while, but according to Talmon Marco, who is the Viber CEO, in TNW the video calling experience is now prepared for the smartphones, after 2 years of testing and developing. Also, Talmon Marco added that their service is strong enough to maintain a video call even with not so good Internet connections, but evidently a poor signal won’t be able to transmit videos in HD quality.

Additionally, the latest version of the app, Viber 5.0 for both iOS and Android launches some codes for users to share their contact details, namely the QR codes. Therefore, now if you meet a new person, you can see their contact details very easily as scanning their code.

The Viber CEO, who said that he stays hands-on in spite of Viber’s profitable exit, reported that the company is making ready 3 big launches before the end of this year. He disclosed that one of this releases will be games, and there are speculations that another one might be the introduction of e-commerce service from Rakuten, which is likely to change their entire business in Rakuten’s opinion.

Also, Marso said that the mission of the company is not over yet. The app provides not only unlimited video calls from your mobile or PC or Mac, but the users are able to talk in the approach that’s most favorable for them, wherever they happen to be.

Besides Viber, there are more similar video calling applications out there such as WeChat, Line, and Kakao, which are competing against each other apps that already provide the service.