With its latest version 4.0, Viber has gotten past its initial bugs in the formative period and shown a key difference while compared to the other chat apps on the Android market.

This article will brief you about the benefits of using the latest version of Viber and how it can make your life easier.

2 devices and 1 Viber

Yes, the latest version of Viber supports its operation in more than a device now. You could choose to run it on 2 phone connections that you carry or pair your phone and PC to Viber and it’s that easy!! Well, it doesn’t stop there; you can have a Viber account paired up even on your latest tab! All you have to do is to install the Viber app on 2 devices that you choose to have it on and enter the activation code on your primary device.

Express it with emoticons

When you are away from your loved ones, your feelings cannot always be put forth with a voice call—this is where the text messaging solved the purpose. But as emotions are to love, apps also had to incorporate ways to bring in emotions in a normal technical message! And that’s what Viber did initially with its app. Now, the updated version provides with many more such emoticons, which they refer to as stickers, so that one can express what they exactly feel! By far, this app has the most of such emoticons and this is one of the main reasons why the younger generation prefers to use Viber. Kudos Viber, you have identifies the best USP!! Hop over the Playstore now and download a bunch of stickers to make your messages expressive.

Push-to-Talk in action

Haven’t you wondered seeing the Push-to-Talk notification messages on your normal phones before Android made its entry into the mobile market? Did you know what it was used for? Even if you knew, did you know how Viber has incorporated this feature into their fab-app? Here you go… on an average, a 15-second voice message takes about a minute to record, send, download and play and this was referred to as Push-to-Talk. While in Viber, your phone is converted to a walkie-talkie and you can record, send and play—all at once! Isn’t this the boon to instant messaging?

Also, you get bang-on 30 seconds only to do the Push-to-Talk and so it is essential that you get to the point. The ring around the outside will turn red if you’re waffling on too long.

Decorate the backdrop

Old plain text conversations do not give you the choice of getting to see colorful stuff on your phone, ain’t it? Viber has paved a solution to add sexiness to your backdrop too—you can choose from one of the preset options to change the backdrop of your conversation screen and spruce up your life! You can also find a variety of nice Viber-loaded backgrounds or snap an instant shot with your camera icon—isn’t that wonderful! And wait, you can choose to go back to the original plain version when you are tired of looking at colors—choose the option from the overflow menu (three dots in the top right corner) if you want to go back to the default.

Refresh and update your contacts at once

Been to a get together with friends and got to know many of your mutual friends? Friendship is fun and messaging those new friends is funnier! Adding new contacts on your phone might not have refreshed your Viber contact list and you might have missed out on the fact that your new friend is using Viber too like you! This is when you hit the action button—on the overflow menu (this time, at the bottom right of your screen) and click on Update Contacts. And did you know, group chat with a hundred people at a time is very much possible with Viber on your phone—take advantage of it and change your life!

It’s time to download and get connected through Viber. Explore the version 4.0 and upgrade your life’s version as well!

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