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WhatsApp Download And Learn Useful and Rare Tips and Tricks


WhatsApp is one of the most popular online messaging applications for Blackberry, iPhone, Android and now it’s available for PC also. The application has over 500 million active users and keeps growing daily.

Ever since WhatsApp started to become so popular, there were many WhatsApp tricks that appeared all over the internet and many users started looking for them in order to surprise their friends with these tricks. Today we’re going to give you a list of tips and tricks for WhatsApp.

Installing WhatsApp without a mobile number

Firstly, if you already have installed WhatsApp installed on your device, uninstall it. After that, download it and install it again and when it asks you to verify your mobile number, set your phone in flight mode to block all the outgoing messages. WhatsApp will then require you an alternative way to verify your WhatsApp and you will choose to be verified via SMS and insert your email address. After that, tap on “Send”, but shortly after that, tap “Cancel”.

After that, download and install Fake Text Message application for Android or Fake a Message application for iPhone, open it and use these details:

To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: Your e-mail

After that, you’re done! Enjoy WhatsApp without using a mobile number.

Sending .pdf, .exe, .pdf files and many more types of files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will not allow you to send these kinds of files, but you can “trick” the application in some way. By using an application such as Cloud Send, you will be able to send these kinds of files on WhatsApp.

Changing WhatsApp Phone Number

You don’t need to uninstall WhatsApp in order to change the number you registered on it. Instead, go to WhatsApp Settings->Account->Change number on your WhatsApp. You will be asked to type your previous mobile number and the new number and after that, tap on “Done”. After you validate the new number, all your chat history and groups will be synced with your new mobile number.

Stopping Media Download on WhatsApp

This feature was available only on WhatsApp Plus, but now you don’t have to worry anymore about this, since WhatsApp lets you configure it by going to Settings->Chat Settings->Media auto-download and you will see three options there: when using wi-fi, when using cellular data or when connected to roaming. If you don’t want to receive any files, just tap all of the connections and the files will be automatically blocked.

Disabling “Last Seen” feature

If you don’t want to allow others to know when you were “last seen” on WhatsApp, you can disable this feature by going to WhatsApp Settings->Account->Privacy and there you will have 3 options: Everyone, My contacts and Nobody.

Locking your WhatsApp application

To login on WhatsApp, you just need to tap on the application, it will not ask you for any password or anything else. To keep your friends by logging on your WhatsApp when you leave your mobile phone and go to the bathroom or somewhere else, you can install WhatsApp Lock for Android or Lock for WhatsApp for Blackberry. By using these kinds of applications, you will be able to lock your WhatsApp.

Creating a Fake Conversation on WhatsApp

By using WhatSaid application, you can create fake conversations on WhatsApp to make a prank on one of your friends. You will be able to edit both of what you say and what the other person said, change the name of the one you “talk” and even add a picture.

Backup your WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp by default makes auto backups of the chats but you can also make a manual backup by going to Settings->Chat Settings->Chat Backup and tap Backup Now on iOS, and by going to Settings->Chat Settings and tap Backup chats on Android.

However, keep in mind that this backups only your CHAT and now the Media. To simply backup the Media you got on your WhatsApp, go to microSD/WhatsApp/Media and use a file manager to backup those files.