The Papa Pear Saga game has broken the monotony of the Candy Crush matching game.

It is an offshoot of the popular Candy Crush saga game but comes with a twist in the game play. As a player, you are required to shoot Papa Pear using the cannon shot. You are provided with a target, which you are supposed to hit so that items can fall inside the bucket.

This game has several levels, all of which are tricky. That is why Papa Pear players need to be very careful when playing. So, if you are a newbie to playing this game, here are some simple guides on playing Papa Pear Saga. They will make it convenient and easy for you to play.

Shoot the Acorns

When you are shooting, patience is everything. Do not rush to shoot, but instead wait until you have found the perfect angle and timing to clear that area and make room for all falling items.

Make Papa Pear Bounce

You need to know how to shoot in such a way that Papa Pear will bounce over and over again. This is a good technique to help you thrive in this game. When the bounce frequency increases, you increase the number and frequency of falling points. Each time you repeatedly shoot at Papa Pear, you increase your chances of earning more points. Just make sure that you fully concentrate on shooting to achieve excellent results.

Rewards Are Given In Stars

In some games, you are rewarded with additional time. In Papa Pear Saga, the reward comes in the form of stars – the higher the reward, the more the stars. The maximum number of stars a player can get in one level is three. The starring fully depends on the number of points you have earned. Therefore, more points will earn you more stars.

If You Need Help, Papa Pear Boosters Will Help

This game comes with several different boosters. There are no restrictions on usage of these boosters. These include:

-Multiple pin

-Fire pin

-Double pin

-Grande pin


Even with a variety of boosters to choose from, there are some boosters that are widely used by many Papa Pear Saga players. You can use them boosters to earn all the points you want. Keep in mind that the number of points you attain in each level will affect the number of stars your get.

Focus On Your Goals

Each Papa pear Saga level has a specific goal. As a player, your main objective is to clear the provided goals in the provided time. When you clear the goals in the least time, you will be able to earn even more points, thus increasing your chances of getting a better star rating at the end.

Papa Pear Saga is an easy game with an interface that is equally easy to grasp. Even so, the levels do get more challenging as you advance, and this might see you replay the game several times. If you are a newbie, first get accustomed to the game’s interface and playing instructions. That way, you will be able to move forward with ease.


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