Now, it gets tougher for us to choose a smartphone that we consider it’s best suitable for us as there are so many options on the market. Each year the technology increases and many more brand new devices are released. Let’s see this comparison of three new handsets that was recently released and find out which one the best for purchasing.

HTC One 2014

The HTC One 2014 is coming equipped with a 5 inched screen display and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 that is more than enough to provide a clear viewing experience. This device is bundled with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, clocked at 2.5GHz for its Asian market and 2.3GHz for the American one.  When it comes to the camera system, the HTC One 2014 provides two Ultrapixel technology shooter, along with dual LED-flash and the front-facing camera is 5MP, which is great for taking selfies. On Amazon, the HTC One 2014 smartphone is priced at $653.04

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 comes packed with a relatively larger display at 5.1 inches and the same screen resolution as the HTC One 2014. Another similarity with the HTC device is in their processor, it houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 as well, with a clock speed at 2.5GHz. The camera from this Galaxy S5 is at 16MP, which is a good shooter but not as great as the HTC’s camera. The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be purchased for $557.80 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 provides the larger display of the bunch, featuring an extraordinary 6.7 inched display screen. Despite the big difference between the screen sizes of the three smartphones, the Note 3 comes with exactly the same screen resolution as the two mentioned above. On the processing route, if we compare the three handsets, the Note 3 has the lowest processor. It is bundled with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, but all the devices provide the same graphics processing power. Also, when we compare the camera units of the three devices the Galaxy Note 3 struggles. It is packed with a 13MP shooter. On Amazon you can find the Galaxy Note 3 at $518.87.


In our opinion, all the three smartphones are very similar and they are best in their own way, so we cannot pick the best one among them.

You just have to know what you need the most and choose the device that caters this need the best. For choosing the suitable handset, you should know your needs and what is characterizing you. Also, it is important to choose the smartphone that has a price you can afford.

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