With the world moving towards a more positive approach to gay rights and supporting the LGBTQ community, Electronic Arts have always done their part to make sure such things are not prohibited in their games.

However, it was a mistake when references to gay automatically got blocked in their latest The Sims 4 title but the publisher has confirmed that they will fix it soon.

In the online Gallery mode, players have the freedom to upload characters and the houses they have created. This allows them to show off their creation and let the whole community admire their work. When these were uploaded recently with terms like gay and lesbian, the name as well as the description field was automatically banned from the game. Players were literally annoyed because they assumed that Maxis blocked them on purpose. Later, EA came into picture to apologize for the filter issue and has confirmed that they will be working a fix for it very soon.

Official Statement

Electronic Arts took the time to officially apologize for this mistake. While terms like gay and queer were predominantly used to harass the community, it has now changed to represent the non-heterosexual people. The company in their official statement confirmed that this is not a permanent issue because they openly support people who have a different preference. The game is made for everyone and once the update rolls out, all phrases related to gay will be allowed by the servers.

“The Sims has been a part of the gamer’s lives for a long time. We have always supported stories that players want to tell to the public. There had never been discrimination of any kind based on gender preference or any other factors. We will continue to support it as we have always done and the error was only the result of an automated filter program,” EA said in the statement. “The Gallery has been designed in a way to make the game more user friendly by blocking obscene content with some words and the filter blocked it for safety. But, we will find a way to work around it soon and it will be released shortly,” they added.

Promoting Equal Rights

While it was tough for players to see The Sims 4 blocking gay content for no reason at first, it seems they are now in terms with it. As the publisher themselves have openly supported the cause and confirmed that it will be removed, gamers have no reason to complain now. For the first time, Electronic Arts the company that often makes news for the wrong reasons have been praised by the player community for their right move.

They have clarified that the game doesn’t discriminate gays which is a welcome move. However, it has been rated as “Adults only” game in Russia because of such content integrated into it. It reflects the company’s anti-gay policies but the West have embraced it to be a part of the society. We look forward to the update to roll out soon.


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