Star Wars is regarded as the Bible for intergalactic warfare enthusiasts. The latest version ‘Battlefront’ promises to be bigger than before.

There are more high resolution weapons, in this title, than you have seen in the earlier version. You should apply a definite strategy in using the weapons. This will enable you to shoot hard on your enemies for effective damage and easy win. You should learn some unique fighting styles using the same old Star Wars signature weapons in the Battlefront version. This will help you get more out of the game and you will learn to use the advanced shooting functions with more accuracy and consistency in causing damage in your enemy yard.

Combat Styles

There are four classes in this unit, such as; Assault Droids, ARC Troopers, Shock Troopers and Rebel Vanguard. When you are playing with this unit, you need to learn two different combat styles like anti-artillery and anti-infantry. Anti-artillery being the basic fighting style in this unit, you should learn to use the blaster pistol and fire rockets properly so that you do not waste enough fire power. You should try to learn the accuracy in firing out enemy vehicles and rocket launchers without wasting any shot. Now, the anti-infantry combat style allows you to destroy a herd of enemy infantry all at once by using the large explosion radius of a rocket launcher. So you can imagine, how powerfully good the rocket launcher is, in your combat mechanism. But use it wisely and appropriately.

Sniper Combats

This unit also features four different classes; Rebel Markman, Clone Sharpshooter, Scout Trooper and Sniper Droid. There are three working strategies to use your sniper unit to its full potential: standard snipping, two kill snipping and no-zooming sniper combat. Learn the basics of snipping and apply your skills in the standard snipping mode. It is the basic snipping style when you need a remote spot far away from the scene. However, you should be careful about choosing the spot because if you do not find clear enemy targets from there, then it is a waste. In the two kill snipping mode, you will learn to kill 2 enemies at once, just by aiming right at their torso region while both are standing close in the same line of sight. In the no zooming mode, you will learn how to use a sniper gun like an assault rifle. The results are always far more devastating as the sniper bullets cause more damage than the ordinary ones. So get a hang of these sniper techniques to rule your Battlefront in a smart way.

Grunt Soldier

This unit comes with four sub-classes such as; Super-Battle Droid, Clone Troopers, Storm troopers, and Rebel Soldiers. Your grunt soldier unit will have access to two different types of combat styles: automatic rifles, and semi-automatic rifles. Using the automatic rifles in the Star Wars Battlefront is the most commonly used style as this is easy to handle and you do not need to worry for empty rounds and reloads. However, this style is only designed for the beginners in this game. If you want to compete with the veterans, you need to master two of the other combat styles as mentioned above. This semi-automatic combat lets you shoot with higher accuracy for up to 5 shots at once. It works like a burst shot. You just need to press down the fire button for a second and then release it and then press it again. You can also aim at selective enemy body parts, like in the head, by using the special combat style.


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