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Viv Download – Best 2014 VA From the Makers of Siri?


When iPhone 4S was launched in October of 2011, a new feature of personal digital assistant took the spotlight rather than the new devices specifications like its processor with the A5 chip or its improved camera system. This new personal digital assistant presented by Apple beginning with the iPhone 4S is called Siri. It provided a female voice that appears to understand the user and reply or do tasks that he commands.

Siri is an intelligent virtual assistant that has a female voice and it responds to multiple requests of the users. It can do easy task like accessing the calendar, contact or as a reminders to notify you. Nevertheless, Siri’s abilities have some determined limitations, and that’s why its developers are launching a new artificial intelligence, namely Viv.

Due to a report from Wired, some creators of Siri are working in Viv Labs, and developing an artificial intelligence that is able to respond to more intricate commands, which will be far above Siri. The founders of Viv Labs are Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus and Chris Brigham.

The creators came up with the name Viv based on the Latin word that denote “live”. Its team has the goal to develop a personal virtual assistant, which will have the capacity to be self-taught.

Also in a Wired report, one of the founders, Kittlaus, pretends that final product will be a virtual assistant that will already know what its user desires before it is demanded. Additionally, Kittlaus gave for example a situation when the user would address to Viv and simply say that he is drunk and instantly Viv would call up a car service to get the drunken owner of the handset from where he is located, safely to its home.  Due to reports in Wired, the creators of Siri are positive that their next product will eclipse the former, but there is no information available yet about the release date of the new Viv.

According to Business Insider, Viv Labs developments are quite impressive, but meanwhile its competitors like Microsoft, Google, and Apple are also developing their virtual assistants. Also, it was added in Business Insider that Microsoft will release Cortana (which is an AI) on Windows 8.1, while Apple is in progress making notable upgrades to Siri. On the other side, Google provides “Google Now”, which is a new Android wearable gadget that offers to the user instant contextual information.