Bejeweled, a game developed and published by PopCap games, is a hugely successful gaming franchise whose first game was released in the year 2001 for browsers on desktops and PCs.

The game was one of the most played games during those times, resulting in the release of 3 follow-ups in the subsequent years. The game is played by people of all age groups and is a very good pass time for many people because of the simplicity of the interface and ease of play. As per recent records, more than seventy five million copies have been sold from stores and the game has been downloaded on various platforms more than 150 million times, making it one of the largest games ever. The launch of Bejeweled 3 has put more flavors in the already awesome game and the players have taken a lot of interest in it. It is the third game officially; however, it is technically the fifth considering that two were mere improvements. The tile matching puzzle video game has undergone a makeover in this new version and is even more exciting and complete with high definition graphics, awesome music and a lot more badges to be won.

Game Playing

The objective of Bejeweled is to achieve specified targets in terms of score or completing missions. Two gems are swapped and the last swapped gem must make a vertical or horizontal chain with two or more other gems. Then this chain vanishes and new gems cascade from the top. A set of chain reactions take place when a chain vanishes because the new gems in the game might also form some chain of their own and this again may vanish automatically, resulting in more chains. There are bonus points when two or more chains are formed in a single swap or chains of varying lengths are made. So the game is very dynamic as nothing is predictable. The game proceeds as per the moves made by the player. So the players have to be wise while swapping and should use their moves correctly to not reach a standstill in the game, that is, when none of the gems form chains.


The game Bejeweled traditionally has two main modes: standard and time trial. In the standard mode, players keep making chains and removing gems from the board and a bar fills as the players proceed. Advance to the next level happens when the bar is full and is overflowing with gems. The game is over when the player reaches a standstill and no more moves can be made and no chains are forming. A new concept introduced in Bejeweled 3 is that of a special gem. Here, when you make a chain of four or more gems, a special gem is achieved with special powers which could be used to destroy multiple gems together. The bigger the chain, more special is the gem achieved as a result of it. In this fast-changing gaming world with so much competition among genres and so much action-packed games on offer, the popularity of Bejeweled still proves that old is gold.


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