Have you played the hugely popular open world title Minecraft?

Did you enjoy the strategic elements and fending off zombies? If you do, you will immensely love the upcoming game Dying Light that largely resembles this pixelated platform. While the original game created by Mojang looks full of pixels on PC and other platforms, the new title features rich graphics, realistic maps and characters that will pull you into its amazing world in minutes.

The screenshots and game play videos that we have seen so far look exceptionally promising and we just can’t wait to get our hands on the full game. However, in order to do so, there is couple more months to go and we really hope it doesn’t get postponed to mid-2015 as Batman Arkham Knight did.

Zombies! Run!

Dying Light is all about zombies, if you haven’t heard about it yet. You just have to make your escape from these deadly creatures and make sure you don’t get caught in their group. Survival is the key to completing the game and a lot of realistic elements have been implemented into it. The game has been split into day mode and night mode, where everything will change based on the time. You are much safer and have ample freedom to explore the map in day time.

Collecting items to craft, finding new friends and safe zones to spend the night – all of this takes place during this period. Once night falls, the undead will start lurking around the corner and things become really tough if you don’t have a weapon in hand or a safe place to secure yourself in. The best option to survive in the night is to run while using your parkour skills to dodge obstacles.

Releases in January

Based on the news revealed so far and some retailer listings, it is being said Dying Light will most probably release in the month of January in 2015. The game utilizes a whole lot of new elements which have set it apart from its competitors but it’s going to be a long wait before the title lands on the proposed platforms. Dying Light is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game’s release date was pushed multiple times in 2014 and it has now been finally confirmed that there will be no more changes. We hope they don’t delay it further and let us kill some zombies.


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