At this moment Samsung has lots of tough competitors, besides the Apple, when it comes to all the handsets on the market.  Blackberry can be categorized of one of the best rivals of Samsung. Let’s see a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Blackberry Z30.

The Galaxy S5 is a popular phone and the current flagship of Samsung, while the Blackberry Z30, which was launched in October 2013, can still stand up in front of the latest Samsung handset.


Samsung Galaxy S5 is a lightweight phone compared to the Blackberry Z30. Nevertheless, just because Galaxy S5 is lighter than the Blackberry phone it doesn’t mean it is the best one because the Z30 phone comes with a built that is premium quality.

The Galaxy S5 is IP67 certified that means the phone has a body that is waterproof and dustproof. The S5 is a great device for those who love the adventure because they are able to use it in different environments, even underwater.


Like other Samsung handsets, the S5 has slim bezels. This device comes packed with a screen of 5.1 inches that is larger than the one of the Blackberry Z30. Nonetheless, this is not their biggest difference. The huge difference on their display comes in the screen resolution. The Blackberry Z30 provides a resolution of 720p, whereas the Galaxy S5 offers a display that is full HD.


Regarding the both smartphones’ cameras, the Galaxy S5 is much over the Blackberry Z30. The S5 features a primary camera that is full at 16 MP, whereas the Z30 provides a rear facing shooter at only 8 MP. Also, the Galaxy S5 is well-known for its much better camera’ features. The Galaxy S5 is able to record videos in advanced 4K. In addition, it is capable to take photos and record video at the same time.


Samsung devices are recognized to provide one of the best storages for memory in the market of handsets. The Galaxy S5 wins again over the Z30 at this point. The Galaxy S5 comes in two versions with its internal memory storage; one has the capacity of 16 GB and the other 32 GB. The memory of the phone is expandable up to 128 GB via micro USD card. On the other side, the Blackberry Z30 comes packed with only 16 GB in-built storage, which can be extent to 64 GB.

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