WhatsApp is a messaging app used to chat, send messages, pictures and videos.

Recently the messaging app has been modified to WhatsApp Plus, which comes with new and customized features that are not included in the original app.

What is Different in WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus comes with an interface that is translucent. With this feature, users can have a transparent navigation and a status bar. It also has a host of other features not currently available in WhatsApp.

The Menu

There are changes in the menu as well. It comes with additional options which have been customized for WhatsApp Plus. If you want to customize your WhatsApp account or interface, there are options for that so you can change your notification icon, the appearance of your chat screen and a lot more.


WhatsApp Plus comes with a tab for themes and you can make changes to the interface to suite your needs and taste. The app comes with an assortment of themes that have been installed. If you want to be more adventurous, you can download more themes and save them for future use as well as share them with friends.


The new version comes with a FAQ section where you can find the answers to questions you have regarding the installation and use of the app. Under that section you will find a button for updating the app, which includes a manual or automatic update option. On the same menu, you will come across an optional log of Plus changes which enables you to see the changes you have made on your app from the first time you used it.

Back Up

WhatsApp plus comes with a backup option allowing for a complete backup on your application. It also comes with its own widget that you can apply on any launcher for the home screen. The widget is an addition to the original WhatsApp widget.

Getting WhatsApp Plus for Smartphones

Unlike the original version of WhatsApp, the new WhatsApp Plus cannot be downloaded for free from appstores but you can get it from the developer’s website. Download and install the app to enjoy its amazing features.

Before installing the upgraded version, it is important to back up your chats from the original WhatsApp. This is provided in the chat settings by the option “save conversations”. Thereafter, proceed to uninstall the application and replace it with the WhatsApp Plus app.

Using WhatsApp PLUS on PC

To enjoy the application on your PC, you will need a computer running the Windows or the Mac software, a connection to the internet and an Android emulator through which you can install Android apps.Use the search box to search for the WhatsApp plus app, click the install button and once it has finished downloading complete the process for activation to begin using the new version on your computer.

The new app allows you to do so much more with your WhatsApp installation. It allows for customization along with a host of other features that were previously unavailable.

Applications WhatsApp Plus for Smartphones and PCs – What’s In Store?