The global texting arena is dominated by messengers such as Whatsapp, WeChat and Kakao, whereas the western audience found their solution with Tango.

The internet based texting app is fast growing and the developers recently announced that they have managed to grow virally, because their game Road Riot has a massive one million active players participating every day.

The U.S. based Tango received a strong $215 million investment from the online retailer Alibaba and lately they have been focusing strongly on introducing games to strengthen their position. When Facebook was not the numero uno social networking site, it came to the forefront with the help lent by Zynga games. Titles like Farmville and Mafia Wars pushed players to login every day so as to play their favorite games. It looks like Tango is going to go the same way and introduce new games that would capture their audience’s attention.

Gaming Is Their Priority

Created as a tribute to the famous Spy Hunter, the Road Riot is a massive hit and the game has crossed over 10 million downloads so far. Usually, the number of downloads will not determine the game’s success, but the number of simultaneous players who login in every day to play it. The Road Riot got a huge push during U.S. Labor Day and pushed it to the peak position, at number #6 in Google Play Store in the country.

Tango has been seriously encouraging players to push their games and integrate it with their social messaging platform to access their 250 million users in the location. It pushes content to them using push notifications, game updates, marketing, gifts and player invites all of which combined together helps the company as well as developers gain recognition. Recently, to encourage the gaming scenario, Tango introduced the Global Games Fund with a massive $25 million investment. It attracted the crowd and nearly 100 developers approached the company to showcase their products because of the hefty pay associated with it.

Speaking about the games publishing, the company’s vice president said, “We are always keen to form a strong bond with developers and Road Riot is an example of the level of success that we could achieve with our platform. We plan to expand further and introduce more viral games that will keep people entertained on the go, adding more value to our customers”. The social network is definitely about to change in a while.

Applications Tango Breaks Records As Road Riot Touches 1 Million Mark