Samsung recently released the Galaxy S5 smartphone, the latest flagship variant for the Korean giant.

Today we compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset to its arch rivals, Apple iPhone 5S smartphone.

Both the companies have been striving for the top spot in the smartphone arena. However, the battle between the titans of the smartphone industry took an ugly turn, with both companies making allegations on each other for stealing the designs of the other’s handsets. Not to go into the intricacies, both companies have been at each other’s throat ever since.

Regardless, the mobile industry can have only one undisputed king; let us find out who that is, by making a comparison between the Galaxy S5 handset to that of the iPhone 5S, in terms of  their performance and features.


Processor: The ARM V8-based dual core processor, running at a speed of 1.3GHz powers the iPhone 5S handset. The smartphones scores a whooping 416ms on the SunSpider JavaScript Test. In comparison, the Galaxy S5 comes equipped with a Snapdragon 801 CPU, clocked at 2.5GHz, calculating a swift benchmark score of 408ms. Taking into consideration, software and architectural differences between the two smartphones, Android based Galaxy S5 smartphone performed decently against the iPhone 5S.

Graphic Processor: A powerful PowerVR G6430 graphic processor powers the iPhone 5S handset. It offers a decent performance, similar to that of the Galaxy S5 graphic processor – Adreno 330. Both the smartphones offer quick performance and can play anything from their respective applications store.

Storage: The iPhone 5S is available in internal capacity variants of 16 Giga Bytes, 32 Giga Bytes and 64 Giga Bytes. In comparison, the Galaxy S5 comes in two internal storage variants – 16GB and 32GB. However, the GS5 comes with an external memory card slot for enhancing memory up to 128GB.

Memory: Samsung Galaxy comes equipped with a RAM of 2GB, in comparison to the 1GB of RAM on the iPhone 5S handset. Considering the multitasking functions handled by the iOS and the larger memory of the Android smartphone, both handsets open apps quickly and offer a lag free performance.

Battery: Samsung Galaxy S5 comes equipped with a 2800 mAh battery unit as compared to the 1560 mAh battery of the iPhone 5S. Both the handsets offer a decent battery life with average to moderate usage.


In terms of features, both the handsets come equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate sensor.

Despite both handsets coming equipped with a latest fingerprint sensor, iPhone 5S offers better performance and success rate as the finger has to be placed on the display instead to be swiped, as in the Galaxy S5 handset.

The Galaxy S3 comes equipped with a heart rate sensor on the back panel, which is water and dust resistant. In comparison, the iPhone 5S also comes with a heart rate monitor; whereby, the user has to place their finger on the light sensor to determine the heart rate.


People who have used iOS devices earlier would find it difficult to criticize the iPhone 5S handset. The iPhone comes in a classic and chic design. However, the Retina Display and camera features wear out against the updated features of latest Android devices, such as those in the Galaxy S5 handset.


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