WhatsApp Messenger is an application that was designed for smartphones. It is currently available for phones that run on iOS, Android, Black Berry, Nokia Asha, Nokia Series 40 and Windows Phone. Most of your friends are probably using it so we’re pretty sure you are using it also.

Now, with the new “hide” feature that WhatsApp has “imported” from WhatsApp Plus, your friends can now enable that option in order to not be seen online when they are logged in. Today we’re going to tell you how to find out when some of your friends login or find out when they were “last seen” online by using the WhatsApp Spy 007 application.

Installing WhatsApp Spy 007

WhatsApp Spy 007 is an official application, so you can install it by doing a simple search on Google Play Store. When you will launch the application for the first time it will ask you to use a connection such as Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, WiFi+Mobile data). After that, it will load all your WhatsApp contact list and you will have to select the friends you want to “spy”. When you see the connection time, you can tap the “close” button and you’re done.

Starting from that moment you will always see when other people will come online, without letting them know you are even on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Spy 007 User Interface

WhatsApp Spy 007 UI is very simple and you will get used very fast to it. When you will start using it for the first time, you will see a selection list, which will let you choose the connection type that it will use for connecting to the internet (as we told you above). The application comes with various languages, helping people, who are not native English speakers, have a better experience.

WhatsApp Spy 007 PROS and CONS


WhatsApp Spy 007 is a free application and it is very easy to use. Even if it has some advertisements, they are placed somewhere at the top and at the bottom of the screen, allowing us to use freely the application. People don’t see you online when you open WhatsApp Spy 007 to see who’s online.


WhatsApp Spy 007 has no premium account, which will let you remove those advertisements.

Have you used WhatsApp Spy 007? What do you think about this spy application?

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