While there may not be significant changes in terms of content, GTA 5 definitely is going to be much more polished and sophisticated on PCs, according to an official Rockstar statement.

If the entire development team says so, we have little choice to say no to it, right? After all, the company has been delivering the best ever titles for more than a decade. The only drawback is that they didn’t focus much on computers but rather became a more console friendly developer in the past few years. Many games in the series got delayed to see a Windows platform launch and the same happened to GTA 5 as well. But, the annoying thing is that it got delayed even more and was pushed back to 2015. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions are coming, as planned, in fall 2014; but why would they push only one version so late?

Rockstar Has an Answer

If this has been your persistent question, Rockstar has an answer for you. The company in a statement said, “The GTA 5 version for PC has been delayed because they are trying to make it as amazing as possible and need to polish some part of the game so that it is impressive. The time is required because unlike Playstation 4 or Xbox One console, computers use varied hardware and have to be amply supported.”

We can’t assume anything at the moment because when GTA 4 got released on PC, it was really a bad port that hardly worked as it should. Even on powerful gaming rigs, the game never ran smooth on high graphics and didn’t deliver the amazing game play that it was originally made to deliver. However, if Rockstar is working to make GTA 5 good so that it works well on PC, then they have definitely started looking into the woes of PC gamers.

Special Content

While all three platforms are said to have high level graphics, better draw distance, increased pedestrians and new wildlife, we assume that GTA 5 on PC would be much more realistic because of the hardware freedom that it offers. The trailers for the versions looked much similar; but with features such as anti-aliasing and tessellation, we can confidently say that it will be quite different than its console counterparts.

GTA 5 gets launched on PC on January 27, 2015. It is more than a year since its original release, but we hope it’s worth the wait.


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