The famous Imangi studios, who created that gaming tornado, Temple Run, are back with a sequel to the game: Temple Run 2.

Those who were already addicts of the first version have upgraded instantly to this sequel; while there are many who are downloading this version of the gaming App. Let’s walk over the new look of this App, the secretive game tips to help you win the run.

What’s in the New Look?

While compared to that of Imangi’s version 1, this gaming version is much richer, has more lifesaving options, more adventurous and has a vibrant environment. Zip Lines and Mine Carts are additional features and terminologies one has to get used to, in this sequel. These features facilitate endless running.

This gaming App is free for both the iOS and Android users with much improved gameplay techniques.

Grab the Free before you Run

Before you start running in Temple Run 2, you can grab some 250 gold coins for free. To do this, go to your Play Store, check for ‘Get Free Stuff’ and ‘like’ the game on FB, and ‘follow’ it on Twitter and 250 gold coins will be yours even before you start the action. Congrats on the free gifts, let’s run right away…

See a Danger, Jump in Air

There are many heart stoppers in this game which can literally freak you out. Cliff Hangers is one such blocker which can gulp down your life and endless running in no seconds! While you see such unexpected dangers, all you will instantly do is jump in the air as high and long as possible. Rather than searching for a side pavement to run or a fence to bend down, jumping into the air is the best possible life saving technology of the hour. Master this art to keep most of those blockers away!

Tilt the Mine Cart

When you have to travel in those undergrounds, both fun and adventure awaits you. This one more additional and interesting part introduced in this sequel, which is tough to master again. It is always better to keep your cart tilted if you want to save your skin from the hurly-burly the caves may contain for you.  Also, ensure to collect those gems while you are travelling through the caves. Remember, when you travel in the tilted position, hitting on the gems will be far easier. However, keep your eyes wide open to find forks on your track or the whole track gone amiss!

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