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Top 10 Gorgeous and Useful WhatsApp Tricks for Android and iPhone


WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile applications and it has users of every age. Today we’re going to share with you 10 great WhatsApp tricks for your Android and iPhone device.

  1. Recovering deleted messages

In case you deleted messages by mistake and you don’t know how to restore them, don’t worry, because we’re going to tell you how to recover them. To do this, you just have to uninstall WhatsApp and install it back. When the installation finishes, the application will “see” that you already have a saved conversation file and it will ask you if you want to restore it. Simply tap “Restore” and all your conversation will be restored.

  1. Sending two pictures as one

There is a trick to send two pictures as one. To do this you will have to use Z- Photo Fake for Chats for Android and FhumbApp for iPhone. By using these applications, you will be able to hide two images in one and trick your friends.

  1. Creating Fake Conversations

Using an application called WhatSaid, you can create fake conversations, tricking your friends that you talked with some celebrity. Even if the application was removed from Google Play Store, you can still find it on the internet by doing a simple search on Google.

  1. Hiding your profile pictures

A profile picture can make your friends recognize you easier on any social network. However, if you want to hide your WhatsApp profile picture you must download WhatsApp Plus, which is an unofficial WhatsApp application that comes with more features than the original one.

  1. Finding your friend’s profile picture

Do you want the WhatsApp profile picture that your friend has? Don’t worry because all your friends’ WhatsApp profile pictures are stored in your microSD card. Just go to your SD Card->WhatsApp->Profile Pictures. There, you will see all your friends’ profile pictures, but they are named after your friends’ mobile numbers. Just look for your friend’s mobile number and copy the picture wherever you want.

  1. Disabling auto-download for multimedia content

All the videos, audios and images that are sent on your WhatsApp, are automatically downloaded. You can disable this by going to Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-download and uncheck: when connected on Wi-Fi, when roaming and when using mobile data.

  1. Sending all kinds of files on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you are allowed to send only video, audio or picture files. However, if you want to send files such as ZIP, PDF, APK etc., you will have to download and install CloudSend and Dropbox. After installing both of those applications, open CloudSend and link it to your Dropbox. After that, share the file you want send on CloudSend and CloudSend will automatically upload the file using Dropbox and it will give you a link.

Go back to WhatsApp and give that link to your friend and (s)he will be able to download it.

  1. Changing WhatsApp Theme

If you want to have a lot of Themes on your WhatsApp, then forget about the official WhatsApp application and download WhatsApp Plus Holo. You can find it by doing a simple search on Google. This application comes with a lot features and themes that you will enjoy.

  1. Locking WhatsApp

Privacy is very important to everyone. However, the way that WhatsApp was developed didn’t give you the option to have a password for it. You can “fix” this by installing “Lock WhatsApp” on your Android phone. After you install it, you will be able to set a password which you will need everytime you open WhatsApp.

And The Last One: Changing your friend’s profile picture

You want to trick a friend of yours that he has a compromising profile picture on his WhatsApp? Get a funny picture that you find over the internet and resize it at 561×561 pixels. After that rename it with your friend’s number and overwrite it on your microSD->WhatsApp->Profile Pictures. Then put your mobile in flight mode or disable Wi-Fi or network connectivity and open WhatsApp and show it to him and we assure you that he will be surprised. However, keep in mind that you will see the new pictures and all his other friends will see the normal picture. In case you don’t disable the data connection, then WhatsApp will upload the right picture to your phone and this will not work