It has been all about statistics and great achievements for Bungie in the past few weeks, since their touted title Destiny got officially launched on the consoles.

Earlier, the company proudly announced that their game has broken all streaming records on the popular website Twitch, where players watched record time within the first week of its release. Now, the developers have revealed that the game has gained ample momentum among players. The average time spent by players in the title is at three hours now during weekdays whereas they easily spend four hours or more on weekends. That’s definitely good news for the developers who may have lost it a bit after the game opened to some negative reviews for not meeting up with expectations.

More Numbers

In Bungie’s weekly update, the company also revealed that in Destiny, players recorded a massive billion deaths within the first week of its release. All these were recorded in player versus player matches in Crucible mode. They also recorded over 100 million hours of game time in the short period, which the company says that is something witnessed only in huge titles such as Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty series. Players have also spent over $325 million dollars in purchasing the in-game items which is another amazing achievement that the team managed to accomplish in the same period.

Gaining Momentum

The first reviews were not in favor of Destiny, but players seem to have embraced the title well and it is going on a great run so far. If it goes on to gain a good momentum, the game may easily become the next Call of Duty, as Activision believes it to be. In other news, Bungie confirmed that the company is planning to open up more of the central hub of the game, the Tower, with their future updates. It would allow players to experience new games, more weapons and better upgrades as they could score higher using the tower.

A PC version of Destiny is being rumored, but we have no confirmed news so far. It is a first person shooter and has all the potential to make it big on the platform, but we cannot confirm such things unless Bungie decides to port the game. For now, it is going to be a console exclusive for a limited period as with most other games and may see a change in the near future.


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