With the advent of the various messenger applications, more and more people are taking to these messenger services with each passing day.

Currently, there are over a dozen messenger applications available for people to use in order to chat with friends and loved ones. However, among all the various applications available, no messenger application has been able to gain as much popularity as WhatsApp. In the current world of online communication, much conversation between two individuals takes place using this application. People send messages, documents, and pictures to each other over this application.

Why Backup Conversations from the Messenger?

Now, what if one fine day, all messages in a conversation were to get deleted? It might happen due an accidental command given by the user or it might happen due to deliberate action of the individual. No matter how it happens, once the messages are deleted, they are lost forever and the individual does not have any way of recovering all the messages, pictures and documents in the conversation. Hence, it is imperative to somehow back up all the data. This can help an individual to retrieve the messages even if the conversation is deleted. Thankfully, WhatsApp has developed a function through which data or conversations can be backed up for use in case of data loss!

Is There any Default Backup for the Conversations?

When an individual uses the messenger on an Android phone, a backup of the entire conversation is created on a daily basis by default, and is stored in a default WhatsApp folder in the internal memory of the device. Sometimes, the backup data is also stored in a microSD card if the device has one. However, this data is also vulnerable to deletion in case something happens to the software system of the device. Hence, it is crucial to create a manual back-up in order to ensure that regardless of what happens to the software system or the hardware system of the device, the user is able to retrieve the backup data.

How to Create a Backup of the Conversations Manually?

The steps that need to be followed for creating a backup of the conversations are:

  • From the menu option (the menu button is symbolized by three perpendicular dots located near the top-right end), the user has to click on ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Chat Settings’ and Backup Conversations.
  • By default, the file is stored as ‘msgstore.db.crypt7’ in the WhatsApp folder. However, it is recommended to have the name of the file renamed as ‘msgstore.db.crypt7.current’. In this way, it would be easy for you to locate the file during the restoration of the backup file.

How to Restore Backup Conversations?

In order to restore backup conversations, WhatsApp needs to be uninstalled after locating the right backup file in the default folder. Backup files would have names like ‘msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7’, and renaming them as ‘msgstore.db.crypt7’ would restore the files. Once the files are renamed, the application must be reinstalled, and post number-verification, the appropriate files have to be chosen and restored.

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