Apple iPhone received major design changes in the smartphone manufacturing history, a couple of years ago.

The iPhone was released in the market with its 3.5-inch display, which was considered a large display in 2007. Regardless, the iPhone did not come equipped with enough stuff to contend with that extra real estate on the display, as that of other bigger screen smartphones. Nevertheless, iPhone fans were elated to see the significant change.

The present era witnesses the praise for phablets. Despite many requests made to the company to manufacture bigger displays for its iPhone handsets, all went unnoticed until now. The latest release from the company, the iPhone 6 smartphone, comes equipped with a 4.7-inch display. As a result, the iPhone 6 smartphone comes in direct competition with the Android based bigger screen flagship smartphones.

Processor and Memory

The present smartphone arena is full of octa core and quad core chipsets, coming with a quicker clock speed of more than 2GHz mark. Regardless, Apple handsets are not confined to numerical figures, when it comes to performance of the iPhone handsets. Therefore, the iPhone 6’s 1.4GHz dual core Apple A8 processor comes with 64-bit technology, which ensures quicker and smoother performance. In addition, the PowerVR GX6650 graphic processor and a RAM of 1GB also power the iPhone 6 handset.

The iPhone 6 also provides the potential user with a snappy performance, similar to its predecessors. The processor is competent to handle both simple and intensive tasks with ease. The processor also takes care of the intensive mobile gaming part with ease.

In comparison to other processors, the specs might not appear fancy on paper. However, the processor of the iPhone 6 implies that beefy specs are not required for effective and smooth operation of the handset.

In addition, the A8 chipset is also called the new M8 motion coprocessor. It can help the user to improve the A8 processing services by gathering data proficiently from different sensors and the barometer of the iPhone 6 smartphone.


The base variant of the iPhone 6 comes equipped with 16GB of internal storage capacity. In comparison, most of the other flagship variants offer the users with minimum 32GB of internal memory. Regardless, the iPhone 6 offers the user with three more variants having internal memory of 32, 64 and 128 Giga Bytes respectively.

Pricing for the iPhone 6 smartphone, ranges from $200 to $400, for the base 16GB model to the highest 128GB model.


Apple’s iPhone 6 comes with a skinny profile, but compromises on the battery aspect, which is a disappointment for the potential users.


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